The angular and impressive princess-cut diamond is a favourite choice for those who want a modern, geometric shape with strong lines. Unlike the flashes of light seen in emerald or Asscher cuts, the princess cut diamond has impressive fire and brilliance, maximising sparkle.

While it’s a relatively new shape—it was first created in the 1960s—it’s now the second most coveted choice after the round cut. The princess cut continues to increase in popularity, and we can see why. Its clean lines and angles make it a modern, elegant option.

princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring

Traditionally, princess cut diamonds will appear square in shape, with four sides of equal length.

Despite their square appearance, many princess cut diamonds are not exactly square and possess a slightly rectangular shape, often not visible to the naked eye. There is no right or wrong with the dimensions of a princess cut diamond – it’s all about preference. Any length to width ratio of 1.05 or less will appear square to the naked eye. If a princess cut diamond will be set into a design with side diamonds, it will still appear square with a length to width ratio of up to around 1.08.

princess cut diamond ratio

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