A trained jeweller, designer, gemologist and appraiser, María is a scion of a Spanish family deeply involved in the arts, with creativity surging through her veins.

María grew up in the cultural city of Zaragoza, in north-east Spain. As a child, she was surrounded by creativity, her father being a creative writer and her mother, a psychologist, who is deeply involved in the ballet and dance scene in Zaragoza.

Beginning her education in the arts with a BA Art History, María quickly decided to pursue a degree in jewellery at the Escuela de Arte de Zaragoza instead. There, she studied to become a Técnico Superior en Joyería Artística, translating as Superior Technician in Artistic Jewellery, as well as qualifying as a gemologist. Alongside her university courses, she also studied at Rodrigo Dehesa’s Jewellery school, for advanced jewellery technique.

María was awarded the VI Premio Extraordinario de Artes del Volumen, Extraordinary Award in Volume Arts, for her final project inspired by the tribulations and emotions of a transitory time in her life. Created with silver and Japanese lacquer, the project reflects María’s artistic spirit.

taylor and hart design consultant sketching

But María wasn’t finished honing her skills there. She went on to complete studies at the Spanish Association of Jewellery Appraisers in Madrid to become a Jewellery Appraiser, completing an HRD (Diamonds High Council in Antwerp) course to become a diamond grader. María’s extensive jewellery education along with her emotive style allows her to create interesting, structurally inspiring bespoke engagement rings.

In 2019, Maria was selected as a “Rising Star” by Professional Jeweller, as a part of the POWER LIST 2019: Rising Stars, in which the magazine recognises talented employees and designers who push the industry forward. Maria’s innate creativity and specialism in designing complex pieces won her this recognition amongst industry professionals.

edwardian ring design

Quickfire Q&A

What is your favourite gemstone?


What is your favourite stone shape?

Pear shape. It has edge, and yet still retains a softness.

What is your favourite metal?

18k yellow gold.

How would you describe your style in three words?

Geometric, organic, expressive.

blue green pear sapphire with asymmetric diamond halo and diamond pave engagement ring in platinum

Sources of Inspiration

María creates work inspired by emotions–what she feels and what others feel. When she receives a commission, she draws on the subject’s experiences to capture the essence of the piece. Her favourite part of creating engagement rings is the process of helping people connect with themselves and reflect on their experiences.

“I enjoy getting to meet and speak with customers in consultations. I get to ask them about their partners and what they do. For example, what do they like? What do they wear? What is their style? Are they a little more adventurous? I love to engage my customers and help them design the perfect ring for their partner!”- María

Art Nouveau

Nash Quinn | The Absurd

María loves when objects have multiple purposes and when jewellery can be used in different ways. Themes of absurdity and movement is what interests María, she tends to compare jewellery with physics and chemistry!

“I love when objects have several purposes – especially when jewellery can be used in different ways or there is more to it than just an ornament. Quinn’s Absurdity collection is hilarious–and it makes you think at the same time. I love anything that implies movement, mechanical pieces with hinges, springs…”- María


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Micheal Berger | Kinetic Jewellery

María’s interest in versatile jewellery with movement is also inspired by the work of Micheal Berger. Berger’s kinetic designs are playful, with each ring taking the form of a sculpture that spins and moves on the hand. Berger views jewellery as not just self adornment, but also as something that has a function.

“Micheal Berger’s jewellery is full of movement- he creates sculptural, cohesive works that are inspired by the kinetic energy of the body. I am drawn to the jewellery’s energy, and the significance of the individual elements that create a unified piece”. – María

Maria's favourite design

Every ring we craft tells a story. Each of our incredibly talented design consultants are tasked with weaving this story into a fully-realised design, subtly imparting their flair and skill along the way. While each ring is designed with the utmost care and thought, our design consultants do have their favourites…

“The customer knew his partner so well, which is always a great way to start a bespoke design. He knew that she would truly appreciate a unique ring – something a bit adventurous and a bit quirky. I started sketching straight away during our consultation. I loved working on this ring, it was so unique.”- María

pear diamond halo engagement ring in yellow gold

María's Sketches

Pear cluster diamond engagement ring sketch

Driven by a perceptive sense of emotion, María treats every engagement ring like a work of art. Her determination to be the best at her craft always shines through and her intuition is what makes María so wonderful to work with.

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