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2024 Engagement Ring Trends: Embracing Bezels, Ovals and Colours

Trends can change and evolve, with certain styles being favoured over others depending on the fashion and influence of the time. This applies to everything from clothing and hairstyles to music and language, with jewellery being no exception. While it’s extremely important to pick a ring based on one’s personal tastes and preferences, it’s always good to know what the popular choices of the time are, so you can explore and make an informed decision. We delve into some of the biggest engagement ring trends of the past year, which we believe will carry over into 2024 and beyond.

The trilogy style with colourful side stones

Known for its signature three-stone design, this style showcases a larger centre stone surrounded by two smaller gems that can either complement or contrast. While choosing three of the same gemstones is a classic and elegant choice, there has been a recent rise in the popularity of colourful jewels to add a playful twist to proceedings.

Each stone within the trilogy style holds symbolic significance, representing the past, present, and future of a relationship. At the centre, the most popular choice is a diamond which celebrates rarity and endurance, but 2023 has seen a huge uplift in side stones such as blue sapphires, red rubies and green emeralds being chosen to sit on either side.

In fact, this design style accounts for 62% of sales which showcases the increased interest in unique and personalised jewellery, and a desire for pieces that stand out. Our Faith and Tamora designs are firm favourite and it’s easy to see why as it allows you to pick your partner’s birthstone, honour their favourite colour or even celebrate a significant moment in your life.

Choosing a ring together

Secretly trying to get your partner’s ring size, setting up a fake account to follow their Pinterest boards and trying to lead a conversation to stone cuts in the least conspicuous way, are all tactics employed by those wanting to pop the question and make it a surprise, but there has been a significant uplift in couples embarking on this journey together as a team. Gone are the days when one has to ask the parents’ permission, negotiate a dowry or rush to settle down with a Mr Collins type a la Pride and Prejudice.

Modern couples discuss the future and make important life decisions together, and it has become more and more common to pick an engagement ring together as well.

Discussing the ring design as a couple can have loads of benefits, like ensuring that the engagement ring is a mutual representation of your relationship and that both parties agree on the style, stone, metal, and overall aesthetic. This helps prevent any potential disappointment – think Aidan’s first choice for Carrie on Sex and the City.

Collaborating on the ring design allows you to incorporate elements that are significant to both of you, making the ring a unique celebration of your love, not to mention you can accurately determine the recipient’s ring size. This eliminates the risk of resizing, ensuring a comfortable fit from the very start.

The 25% uplift in consultations where the couples come in to discuss the ring design together could also be due to the fact that it allows for open communication about the budget. These considerations are super important nowadays so it’s a great way of preventing any financial stress or surprises.

For those who love to learn (and perhaps are partial to a quiz or two), choosing a ring together can be a fun yet educational journey. Both partners can learn about different metals, gems, and design styles, they can find out exactly where the stone came from, what setting would suit it best and see the process from start to finish.

You could think choosing the ring design together may remove some elements of surprise, but the anticipation and excitement of seeing the finished and customised ring for the first time after putting so much time, effort and creativity into it can be a fantastic surprise in itself.

Dainty rings

Understated and subtle, boasting slender bands embellished with delicate gemstones, dainty rings present a minimalist and refined look.

Holding strong in their popularity, they are so wearable and versatile. Whether worn on their own or stacked and layered, they exude an air of icy cool that can be really felt.

This style embraces a minimalist design philosophy, featuring simple and clean lines which appeals to those who appreciate a more understated and timeless look. Additionally, the lightweight nature of dainty rings makes them easy to wear every day. They are comfortable and don’t interfere with daily activities, making them a practical choice for people who use their hands a lot. The small and delicate look of these rings makes them a top choice for anyone with more petite hands or those who prefer a more subtle aesthetic. Dainty engagement rings have gained popularity, especially among those who prefer a more modest and less flashy symbol of commitment. They offer a timeless and classic alternative to larger, more elaborate rings.

Oval and round are now joint most popular shapes

Round diamonds have been the top choice for engagement ring centre stones for a long, long time but this year has seen the oval shape equal its circular rival in popularity.

Both styles have plenty of qualities that make them fantastic choices and, who knows, perhaps next year is the year of the oval engagement ring. Their elongated shape creates the illusion of lengthier, more slender fingers which can be particularly flattering. Our Demure style with an oval centre stone has been our stand-out winner and by far the most popular.

They can often appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight when viewed from the top. This can be an advantage for those who like to maximise the appearance of size. Versatile and compatible with various ring settings, from solitaires to halos, their shape complements both classic and more modern designs.

Then we have the iconic round diamond engagement ring. Renowned for their exceptional brilliance and sparkle, their symmetrical cut amplifies the reflection of light, resulting in a dazzling appearance.

Round diamonds also offer the most flexibility in terms of different cuts. The round brilliant cut, with its 57 or 58 facets, is known for its ability to showcase the diamond’s brilliance. They also tend to retain their value well over time which surely contributes to their status and continued popularity.

Different bezel settings

A bezel setting offers both security for the stone and a sleek appearance. There are different styles of bezel settings, each with its unique characteristics. While normally these details aren’t modified too much, the evolution of these new styles showcases the more adventurous side of consumers.

The simpler and most common types include the full bezel setting, where the entire circumference of the gemstone is surrounded by metal providing maximum protection for the stone and minimising the risk of damage. The half-bezel setting partially surrounds the gemstone, leaving two sides open, while an open bezel setting leaves the sides and, often, the back of the gemstone exposed.

The trend we’ve been seeing now has shown an increase in the more creative and arty styles of settings. Some of these include a scalloped bezel that has a decorative edge with curves or scallops along the metal rim. We also have the multi-stone bezel setting, where two or more gemstones are set next to each other.

A rimmed bezel setting adds a bold and substantial look to the rings and a floating bezel setting gives the illusion that the gemstone is suspended within the metal frame. Finally we have a tapered bezel setting where the metal gradually narrows as it reaches the top of the gemstone.

The couples’ individuality and creativity has really come into the forefront and I anticipate seeing even more of that next year. They like to put their stamp on a classic design and really make it their own.

Kate Earlam-Charnley, Design Director

Marquise cut diamonds

The marquise cut is a distinctive diamond shape characterised by its elongated and pointed ends, which makes it stand out from more traditional diamond shapes. Its unique design can be an excellent choice for those who appreciate an eye-catching and memorable look. The pointed ends have the added benefit of creating the illusion of a larger diamond, which suits those who like the idea of a visually impactful stone.

This cut also has a rich history and is often associated with royalty, hence its name. Choosing a marquise diamond can add an air of opulence with a sprinkle of historical meaning to the engagement ring.

Marquise cut diamonds are really versatile and can be set in various ring styles, including solitaire, three-stone rings, and halo settings. The unique shape allows for boundless creativity in the design meaning the wearer can let their imagination run wild. You can truly make the ring your own.

The New Year brings a fresh start and, with that, some new ideas. Our Design Director Kate Earlam-Charnley’s predictions are for chunkier rings, fewer lab-grown stones, and more sapphires – especially green which are on track to replace teal in popularity.

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Whether you march solely to the beat of your very own drummer or enjoy getting advice and being influenced by experts and other like-minded people, it’s always helpful to see what ideas have been trending.

You can put your own twist on a popular style, interpret it your own way or fully embrace the trend as it stands. Whatever you choose your engagement ring to be, and however you come to the decision, make sure it best represents you and your partner’s love story.

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