Designing With Purpose: Taylor & Hart’s Sustainability Report

At Taylor & Hart we’ve always taken pride in our ethical approach to love and jewellery through designing every piece we craft with purpose. For the first time, we’re publishing a Sustainability Report laying out our goals for the next three years. Making this information available to everyone will not only hold us accountable as we undertake this vital work, it’ll give you a window into how jewellery has the power to nurture a more just world. We believe we can make a difference. Let’s do it hand in hand.

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Emerald vs princess

Diamond cut shapes: Emerald cut vs Princess Cut

Of all the fancy square cut diamonds, the Emerald and the princess cut are two of the most iconic. Elegant and timeless, both are angular diamond cuts, but with entirely different facet structures. To help you make the right choice about what diamond is right for you, we’ve put together a guide that will explain the differences between the two, giving you the knowledge of what to look for when purchasing either an emerald cut or princess cut diamond.

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Are micro weddings here to stay?

During the pandemic, couples all over the world asked the question: should we get married this year? For a year, restrictions and guidelines completely changed how we celebrated nuptuals. Traditional wedding plans were scraped for new and innovative approaches to festivities. From city hall weddings to planned elopements, we have a feeling that the ‘micro weddings’ of 2020/21 might just be here to stay.

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