Pride 2019 – A ring for every story

Pride, Rings, LGBT

At Taylor & Hart, we believe that your jewellery should reflect your identity and your story. For Pride month 2019, we wanted to show our support for the LGBT+ community, so we created a collection of pride-inspired bands. Each band is set with gemstones in the individual colours of the Pride flag, to commemorate the diversity of love.

This week, we celebrate Pride, and the importance of solidarity.

Pride, Rainbow, LGBT

The Pride Flag - A symbol of the LGBT+ movement.

Pride month is a positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Pride is used to increase visibility for the LGBT community as a social group. Furthermore, to promote queer social and self acceptance, achievements, legal rights and pride.

We believe that everyone’s story is one of a kind. Our unique pride bands are an expression of this sentiment, as our Design Director describes:

“A classic unisex band that’s easily customisable. When I am creating a new ring design, I always consider how it looks at every angle, especially when viewed through the finger. I chose to set the gemstones in this area because I wanted it to feel extra special, very intimate–in an area mostly seen by the wearer.

Whether it’s you creating the ring for yourself or loved one, the gemstones feel like your special secret.

Kate Earlam

The pride rings come with six different gemstones, rubies, orange sapphires, yellow sapphires, emeralds, blue sapphires and purple sapphires. The bands are unisex and crafted in 18ct gold, (rose, white and yellow); starting at £1,650.

The magnificent gemstones used are as vibrant, diverse and expressive as the queer community. The Pride flag served as the inspiration for the gemstones.

Kate Earlam

The beauty of a bespoke service is that you can create a ring that expresses your individuality. These bands serve as a template for further customisations to symbolise your personality. At Taylor & Hart, we can create a ring for every story, whether it be an everyday band or wedding bands. 

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