Why is Christmas such a popular time to propose?

While it’s widely known that most weddings take place in the summer season, it may come as a surprise to learn when the majority of engagements take place. Forget Valentine’s Day, birthdays and balmy bank holidays—far and away the greatest romantic phenomenon is Christmas proposals.

With so many iconic traditions already tied to the festive season, it may not be on your radar that every December tens of thousands of tiny ring boxes get placed under the Christmas tree each year. In fact, according to a study conducted by Chillisauce, one third of UK men will opt for a Christmas proposal. This is backed up by a 2015 study conducted by Facebook where they found that 2.6 million people in the US alone changed their relationship status to “engaged” between Christmas eve and Christmas Day.

So what causes this yearly yuletide phenomena? Is it all the mulled wine going to our heads and bringing out our inner romantic? Have we all listened to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” one too many times when Christmas day finally rolls around? We want to demystify the Christmas proposal phenomenon and give you some tips on how to make the yuletide especially bright this season by asking the biggest question of all.

It’s a family affair

The festive period is a time for coming together with family and all those who are closest to our heart. For plenty of us, this is the only time of year when we get to be together with our extended circle, making it a perfect time for a romantic proposal. It means that you and your partner can toast the good news with the people who matter most. 

As the beloved song goes, the Christmas season is a time when faithful friends who are dear to us, gather near to us once more. Does it get any dreamier than that? When asked, being close to loved ones is the top reason proposers decided that their merry little Christmas wouldn’t be complete without getting engaged. It also means that you get to break the news in person rather than over the phone or social media, proving that the holidays really are all about human connection and gratitude.

Propose today, holiday tomorrow

Another part of your Christmas proposal idea should be the vacation that comes directly after. Once you’ve cracked the final Christmas cracker, eaten the last mince pie, and shared that engagement ring photo on insta, it’s the perfect time to get away.

What makes a Christmas proposal so great is that most people have already booked time off work and are ready to head off on a whirlwind adventure. What better way to celebrate than to spend your first New Year’s Eve as an engaged couple with a champagne toast on the beach? Or perhaps you’ll head to a snowy spot to take in the romance of winter—which brings us onto our next point…

Who can resist a winter wonderland?

While the weather outside may be frightful at times, there’s no denying that there’s something in the wintertime air that fills us with romance. From long country walks to cities lit up with glimmering Christmas lights, winter is a time for taking in a little magic—which is precisely what drives so many people to plan a marriage proposal for the holiday season.

Take Weng and Li-Wei, quite possibly one of our favourite customer love stories of all time. When it came to her idea of a perfect proposal, the only thing Li-Wei wanted was snow. After a trip all the way from Malaysia to the UK, the couple stayed glued to the weather app, waiting for the exact minute it was going to snow. Li-Wei told us that “If there was no snow, I wasn’t going to say yes. So, I came up with the idea that I should propose back. If he’s going to ask me, I should ask him back as well!” What resulted was a double proposal done in the most romantic way: with both of them holding a ring box, down on one knee, surrounded by winter magic.

Tips for a perfect Christmas engagement

If this year has taught you that you want to spend the rest of your life together with your partner, then we have a few holiday proposal tips that will make Christmas morning all the more special.

Find some alone time. One of the greatest parts of getting engaged during the Christmas period is that you’ll be able to share the news with your loved ones right away in-person. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should pull out the ring box under the Christmas tree with all your friends and family there as an audience. Find a moment where it’s just the two of you (preferably somewhere quiet and surrounded by fairy lights!). You won’t regret savouring that moment together with nothing but your love.

Make the proposal its own moment. The holidays are full of activities and usually the schedule is pretty full. But don’t forgo a Christmas tradition in order to ask the question. It’s best to let the marriage proposal be an individual event rather than trying to pop the question while cooking, decorating, carolling or opening presents. Show your partner that this event is special all on its own and get busy planning the perfect and dedicated time to express your love.

What 2020 has taught us about love

This year especially, the holidays are reminding people of what’s most important in life. Taylor & Hart’s Design Director Kate Earlam-Charnley says that “this Christmas we’ve seen a surge in engagement ring purchases.”

And the reasons people are getting engaged now are more meaningful than ever. From long distance couples who’ve had to forgo the better part of a year together, to folks who have been separated from their families and want to make the opportunity to be reunited as memorable as possible, Kate notes that “our to-be proposers are telling us the most inspiring lockdown stories.”

It’s been a year full of uncertainty. But from uncertainty grows trust and a resolve to weather the storm together. Christmas proposals have always been a favourite for so many couples, but we’re hoping that this year, more than ever before, the mistletoe will inspire more than just a kiss.

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