Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings


A timeless choice for the modern couple

When it comes to engagement rings, the traditional diamond solitaire is no longer the only option. Here’s how to include your ‘something blue’.

In recent years, more and more couples have been opting for coloured gem rings and in particular, blue sapphire engagement rings, which offer a unique and stunning alternative to the classic diamond ring.


The blue sapphire is a timeless and elegant stone that has been prized for centuries. Its deep blue colour is said to symbolise wisdom, trust, and loyalty. It is also the September birthstone, making it a perfect choice for those who were born in that month.

A blue stone engagement ring is perfect for those who want something different and unique. The deep blue colour of the sapphire is a beautiful and complementing contrast to the sparkling diamond. This makes for a ring that is truly one-of-a-kind and sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

Engagement rings with blue sapphire accent stones

Many couples opt for a centre diamond and blue gemstone around the ring, which combines the timeless elegance of the diamond with the beauty of blue sapphires. This combination is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds – the classic look of a diamond ring with the unique and striking blue colour.

Engagement rings with blue sapphire centres

Another popular option is the centre blue sapphire and diamond ring. This type of ring features a blue sapphire as the centre stone, surrounded by smaller diamonds. The combination creates a ring that is truly mesmerising and eye-catching.

For those who prefer a lighter shade of blue, light blue sapphire engagement rings are also available. These rings feature a sapphire with a light blue colour, which is said to symbolise peace and tranquillity. These rings are perfect for those who want a ring that is subtle and delicate.

Perhaps the most popular colour choice is that of the cornflower blue sapphire. This type of ring features a sapphire with a deep blue colour that resembles the shade of a cornflower. Cornflower blue sapphire rings are perfect for those who want a ring that is unique and eye-catching.

Princess Diana Ring

One of the most famous examples of a blue sapphire engagement ring is the ring worn by Princess Diana. The ring, which was given to her by Prince Charles, features a large blue sapphire surrounded by smaller diamonds. The ring was later worn by Kate Middleton and is now worn by Catherine, Princess of Wales (Kate Middleton). This ring is a timeless classic.

See our interpretation of the Princess Diana ring here.

How to choose a sapphire?

When shopping for a blue sapphire engagement ring, it is important to consider the quality of the sapphire. The four Cs of sapphire quality – colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight – should be taken into account. The colour of the sapphire is the most important factor, as the deep blue colour is what makes the stone so special. The cut of the sapphire should also be considered, as a well-cut sapphire will have more sparkle and brilliance. Clarity is also important, as a sapphire with fewer inclusions will be more valuable. Finally, carat weight should be taken into account, as a larger sapphire will be more valuable than a smaller one. Note, it is also important to look at the size of the sapphire, not just the weight as some sapphires of the same weight will be less deep and therefore appear larger when seen set in a ring than other deeper ones.

How to choose the ring setting?

It is also important to consider the setting of the ring. A prong or claw setting is a classic and popular option, as it allows the sapphire to be displayed prominently. A bezel setting, which encases the sapphire in metal, is also a popular option as it offers a more secure setting for the stone. A halo setting, which features smaller diamonds surrounding the sapphire, is also a popular option for those looking for a ring with more sparkle. Alternatively you can choose a trilogy with the two side gems on each side of the diamond being sapphires in a multitude of colours in addition to blue (including green, teal, pink, yellow, purple Each of these options is shown below.

Matching your blue sapphire to the right metal

In terms of metal, white gold and platinum are popular choices for blue gemstone engagement rings. White gold is a classic and timeless choice, while platinum is a more modern and contemporary option. Both metals are durable and will stand up well over time. We don’t recommend yellow gold or rose gold for a blue sapphire, but these options can look beautiful if you would like to consider a yellow sapphire or a pink sapphire.

What does a blue sapphire mean in an engagement ring?

A blue sapphire in an engagement ring is said to symbolise wisdom, trust, and loyalty, making it the perfect symbol of love and commitment. It’s also believed to bring good fortune and protection to the wearer. The deep blue colour of the sapphire is said to represent the depth and intensity of love and commitment. This stone is also said to be a symbol of wisdom, which is essential for a successful and long-lasting relationship. Moreover, some people believe that blue sapphire can bring happiness, good health, and wealth to the wearer.

These regal gemstones are often linked to aristocracy and royalty, with both Princess Diana and Kate wearing this blue stone over traditional white diamonds.

Is a blue sapphire more expensive than a diamond?

The cost of a blue sapphire can vary depending on the quality of the stone and the size, but in general, it can be less expensive than a diamond of a similar size. The rarer and more unique the blue sapphire, the more expensive it will be. However, it’s important to note that the quality of the sapphire, including the colour and cut, also play a role in determining the cost. A high-quality blue sapphire with a deep, rich colour and an excellent cut will be more expensive than a lower-quality sapphire. Additionally, the cost of the ring may also be affected by the metal used in the setting, such as white gold or platinum and if other diamonds are set around it or not.

Blue sapphires usually cost more than yellow or pink sapphires but can cost less than rare Padparadscha, teal or bi-colour sapphires.

What blue colour sapphire is best?

Colour can have the most impact on a blue sapphire’s value. The most preferred sapphires have strong to vivid colour saturation. These are referred to as velvety-blue to violetish-blue and come in medium to medium-dark tones. Blue sapphires within this range are typically at a premium to similarly-sized options with different tones. These less valuable blue sapphires can be greyish, or their colour can be too light or too dark, but the tone of a sapphire is totally subjective and depends on your preferences.

Do blue sapphires fade?

Blue sapphires are not known to fade with time. In most cases when it seems as if a sapphire has faded, it’s most likely that their ring and gemstone is a little dirty.

We always advise bringing your ring in for an annual clean and polish to ensure your ring is looking as best as it can.

Do blue sapphires hold their value?

Blue sapphires have a high value and are considered to be a valuable gemstone. They are a timeless and elegant gemstone that has been prized for centuries.

As with any gemstone, the value can fluctuate depending on factors such as quality, rarity, and demand. However, blue sapphires are considered to be a valuable gemstone and are likely to hold their value over time. They’re also considered to be a good investment because of their durability and long-lasting beauty. In addition, their supply is limited, further preserving their value. Our blue sapphires predominantly come from Sri Lanka and are thus referred to as “Ceylon” sapphires. Read more about our Sri Lankan sourcing here.

Are lighter or darker blue sapphires more expensive?

The value of a sapphire is determined by its colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight. A sapphire with a deeper and more intense colour is considered to be more valuable than a lighter-coloured sapphire. However, it is important to note that this can vary depending on personal preference and the specific shade of blue. Additionally, a sapphire with an excellent cut and high clarity will also be more valuable than a sapphire that is poorly cut or has a lower clarity.

In conclusion, blue sapphire engagement rings are a timeless choice for the modern couple. They are a unique and beautiful alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. With their timeless elegance and unique beauty, they are sure to be treasured for generations to come. When shopping for a blue sapphire engagement ring, it is important to consider the quality of the sapphire, the setting, the metal, and the pairing with a wedding band. With so many options available, there is an option for every couple and style.

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