Diamond Upgrade Policy

Our customers often return to us, following a milestone anniversary or after a special life event, to upgrade their diamond or ring design, some years after their engagement.

We offer a range of options for customers who request to return their centre diamond and wish to upgrade to a larger or higher quality stone.

Our policy allows us to offer a 100% credit on the original value of the diamond where the new sale value is at least 75% more than the original diamond. We are also able to upgrade diamonds outside of this policy for a 10% fee on the original sale price of the diamond plus the difference between the sale price of the two diamonds.

Please contact your design consultant for a personalised quote.

Please note that changes in the sizes of your diamond may require an adjustment to the ring setting or a full remake of your ring. In this case, additional fees will apply.

We are not able to change a diamond if you wish to “downgrade” to a diamond of a lower value.

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