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Behind the Design: Andrea & Andres

When a love story begins back in adolescence, you know it’s something incredibly special. Andrea and Andres (Andy for short) were childhood friends long before romance was in the air. They met when Andrea was 11 and Andy was 13. Their families attended the same church and they became fast friends. It wasn’t until nine years later that Andy finally made the first move, which turned their friendship into a beautiful romance.

Andrea has always admired Hailey Bieber’s engagement ring, but says she preferred silver jewellery. When they found the Dulcet oval platinum ring, it was the perfect match for her ‘dream ring’.

She loved the classic design and the platinum finish resonated with Andrea’s own personal style, making it the ideal choice for her engagement ring. The signature stone in Andrea’s ring holds a special place in their hearts as it represents the month the pair got engaged.

Every time I look at it, I’m reminded of that magical time in our lives.


Andy’s proposal was straight out of a fairy tale. He rented an Airbnb with a breathtaking skyline view of London and invited their closest family and friends. The setting held sentimental value, as their first kiss was also high up with a view of nature.

After a lovely dinner, Andy told Andrea they were going to view a flat he was interested in. The Airbnb was beautifully decorated with flowers, candles, and ‘Marry me?’ balloons. As soon as they walked in and Andrea saw the dark room filled with all the candles and balloons, she knew her life was about to change.

I realised what was happening. It was the most beautiful and heartfelt proposal I could have ever imagined.


When it came time to pick out their wedding rings, Andy and Andrea visited the Taylor & Hart showroom, turning it into a date–exactly what we love to see. ‘After trying on several rings, we finally found the ones that felt the most us,’ says Andrea. The Protea ring in platinum for the bride and the Oak platinum ring for the groom stood out the most. The styles perfectly complement their personalities and the bond they share.

All Taylor & Hart rings are fully customisable and the couple seized the opportunity to make theirs extra personal. They decided to engrave ‘A2’ on their wedding rings, ‘a symbol of Andres and Andrea squared.’ Their friends came up with this nickname because of the adorable similarity in their names. It’s a private in-joke and personalised touch that makes the rings even more special.

Having known each other for so long, we cherish the deep friendship that has grown into a loving partnership.


Looking to the future, the couple aims to nurture their strong bond, continuing to support and love one another through all of life’s adventures.

Choosing their rings together and making lasting memories has been a beautiful part of the pair’s journey. They symbolise not just their commitment, but also the love, friendship, and countless moments that have brought them to where they are today.

Congratulations to the happy couple and here’s to forever.

Photography by Hexa Photography


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