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The Three Most Loved Solitaire Engagement Ring Styles

From classic to contemporary, we explore the three solitaire engagement ring styles you need to know. Nothing says classical sophistication like a solitaire engagement ring. This engagement ring style represents around 70% of the engagement ring market and it’s not hard to see why when celebrities like Gisele Bundchen, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Mila Kunis opt for this timeless style.

But making a choice on which style of solitaire isn’t always smooth sailing. Yes, you heard us right— there’s more than one style of solitaire.

Symbolic of the singular bond shared by two people in love, a ‘solitaire ring’ is any design which features a single centre stone that isn’t flanked by side stones or a halo. A centre stone flying solo, so to speak.

Around 70% of engagement rings sold each year are a solitaire style. But despite being the most popular style of engagement ring, each individual solitaire ring tells a personal story. From the shape of the diamond to the design of the basket or claws, there’s a whole host of features and personal specifications that can make your ring unique to your relationship. 

With so many different types of engagement rings, it can help to get a little inspiration when you begin your search. Below we break down the top three most popular types of solitaire ring styles to help you find a design that captures your love and tells a story.

1. Four prong or claw solitaire engagement ring

Prongs and claws are timeless. Since the early days of jewellery craftsmanship, metal has been used to secure stones in place and when you think of the iconic solitaire engagement ring style, you’ll always think of the classic four or six claw/prong setting. This setting style can accommodate a range of stone shapes and sizes while positioning the stone on centre stage.

The four claw solitaire engagement ring (or four prong engagement ring as it’s known in the US) is the bedrock of single stone styles. Made popular in the 1950s, it’s the most iconic of all engagement ring designs-and for good reason. With the minimum number of claws needed to set most centre diamonds, this setting style allows the maximum amount of light into your diamond, giving it a spectacular sparkle and brightness. 

A four claw engagement ring is ideal for round brilliant diamonds or four-cornered diamonds such as emerald or princess cuts. It’s also great for smaller centre diamonds as the minimal amount of metal covering the diamond accentuates the surface area of the stone. 

The four corners made by the claw prongs can also symbolise balance and support you share within a marriage. Small details like a gemstone hidden beneath the diamond ring’s basket or engraved motif along the band can make even the most classic style of solitaire totally unique to you.

2. Six claw solitaire engagement ring

A six claw, or six prong, solitaire is the second most popular solitaire engagement ring style. The claws in a six claw setting are thinner and often tapered (known as eagle claws or claw prongs) giving a more dynamic and intricate appearance to your diamond ring’s setting. 

Six claw settings are popular with round brilliant, oval, and marquise shaped diamonds but can be used on almost any diamond shape. The practical benefit of having additional claws is the extra support and security they give to your engagement ring setting, making this diamond solitaire ring style perfect for someone who works with their hands or has an active lifestyle. 

The radial pattern made by the six claws can be designed with a floral-inspired shape or crafted to look like rays from sun or moon. Small details like this make a more sentimental design, inspired by you and your partner’s creativity.

3. Bezel set solitaire engagement ring

Having experienced a resurgence of popularity in recent years, a bezel set solitaire engagement ring is the most secure ring setting there is for protecting a diamond.

With a solid casing of metal (called a rubover) running around the full perimeter of the centre stone, a bezel setting is also the recommended setting style for softer gemstones such as emeralds and ideal for those who are always catching their hands on things.

For thousands of years bezel setting was the only way to set gemstones into jewellery, but that doesn’t make this style old fashioned. Oh no. Bezel settings of today are more refined and slimmer, delivering a contemporary finish with its smooth, clean and sculptural lines.

Plus, the solid rim of metal formed around the centre gemstone is said to symbolise an eternal love that can’t be broken. Cute, right?!

Custom Solitaire Rings

Solitaire designs are classic, there’s no denying it. But that also opens up the opportunity to make this design style your own. Your love isn’t ordinary, so why should your ring be?

There’s a whole host of design features you can incorporate into your design to make it one of a kind. Get a closer look at all the custom options available in our bespoke process here.

How to make your solitaire engagement ring unique

All our rings come with a Signature Ruby set within the band as a mark of the care and attention that went into designing your ring. But this detail can be customised and replaced with 26 other types of precious gemstone. Having this range of options is perfect if you want to swap out the ruby with your partner’s birthstone or a gemstone that’s found in the geological region where you fell in love. See our full range of Signature Gemstones here.

The band, or the shank of your ring, is one of the most customisable elements of your design and a great place to incorporate something that symbolises your love. Engravings, twists, milgrain, filigree, pavé, coloured gemstones—subtle detail or stand-out shapes on the band can make your design truly one of a kind.

Finally, there’s your centre gemstone. If a white diamond isn’t your thing, we offer a range of coloured gemstones, including coloured diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, that allow you to make your design feel uniquely yours.

Solitaire engagement rings are a beautiful way to say more with less. This minimalist diamond engagement ring design can be elevated with personalised design features, or left low-key as a bold statement of your love. Either way, this style lets your centre stone do the talking.


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