“I’ll always remember that. Jon at the top of the stairs, looking smart in his suit, and thinking ‘this is it’”.

Hayley & Jon

After a first date that unexpectedly lasted an entire day, Jon and Hayley embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime romance that culminated in a unicorn-inspired engagement ring. Never losing sight of the magic of their relationship, they tell us about their fairytale inspired engagement.

After meeting online, Jon and Hayley had one of those electric first dates usually reserved for rom-coms. ‘We planned to meet for coffee’, Hayley recalls. ‘Then coffee extended into lunch, which extended onto a walk, then drinks, then dinner. So our first date was eight hours long!’ And the good times continued to roll.

Jon says his favourite thing about his finacée is her ability to find joy in everything she does. ‘When she’s doing things that she absolutely adores, usually watching Disney films, I look over at her and there’s so much joy and happiness in her face’, he tells us. So he wanted to incorporate that sense of playfulness in her ring design. 

Ever since she can remember, Hayley’s loved unicorns. They’ve been a symbol of the whimsy and magic she tries to bring out in the world around her. ‘I thought it would be nice to get a ring the references unicorns in some way. My design consultant was totally on board’, Jon explains. He says that in the beginning he thought including unicorns in a design might seem too over the top, but was surprised at how is consultant was able to come up with more subtle designs that stayed true to his brief.

‘We came up with the idea to include the detail underneath the diamond. It wouldn’t be too prominent but I knew Hayley would love knowing it was there’. In the end, two unicorn horns were sculpted beneath in the ring’s basket, a hidden support that makes the ring completely unique.

With a fantasy-inspired ring ready to go, all Jon had to do was plan a proposal fit for a princess. He found a treehouse in Dordogne, France that served as the perfect setting, which he decorated with flowers and fairy lights.

After a day at the spa and a romantic dinner, they drove back to the treehouse. ‘When I walked in, the music from Cinderella was playing and that’s when I started bawling’, Hayley recalls. ‘I’ll always remember Jon at the top of the stairs, looking smart in his suit, and thinking “this is it”’.

Unicorns and glass slippers may be a thing of fairy tales, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them as a part of your proposal! What we love about these two is how authentic they are about their love for each other and their love for life. A massive thank you to Jon and Hayley for sharing their story on how their magical platinum engagement ring was inspired and brought to life.

treehouse dordogne proposal

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