Lady Gaga’s engagement rings: diamond hearts & pink sapphires

An eccentric, controversial style icon– Lady Gaga’s accessories are sure to be as unforgettable as her personality. The star has been engaged twice, first to Taylor Kinney in 2015, and then to Christian Carino in 2018. While both romances ended, her engagement rings were so stylish that they will forever be relevant. Kinney first gave her a heart diamond engagement ring, the size that someone only as fabulous as Gaga could pull off. Her second engagement ring from Carino featured a large pink oval sapphire, set in a round diamond halo– reminiscent of a daisy. Both of Gaga’s rings perfectly suit her whimsical, bold sense of style, we hope she kept them!

Lady Gaga's heart diamond engagement ring

After meeting onset for her music video “You and I” Lady Gaga dated Taylor Kinney from 2011 to 2016. The actor starred as her love interest in the steamy video, in which you can see the obvious chemistry! After four years of dating, Kinney proposed with a diamond heart engagement ring. The ring featured a 8ct heart shaped white diamond, set in platinum with diamond pave. We estimate the ring to cost around £174,320. The diamond ring has the phrase “T <3 S” set in diamond pave on the back of the band, a charming feature that represents “Taylor loves Stephanie”, Gaga’s real name.


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A large amount of the price comes with the 6.0ct centre diamond, and the ring mount is £3,150 excluding the centre gem. In our version, we added a unique heart shaped hidden halo and basket with a hidden diamond and ruby set message at the underneath of the ring. This ring is all about girly love. Hearts & diamonds galore!

Kate Earlam-Charnley, Creative Director

The Thyme

If you love the design of Gaga’s ring, but would like something a little more understated, check out our version of the heart ring.

Our Thyme heart shaped diamond ring features a 1ct heart diamond solitaire with a hidden diamond halo and pavé diamond band set in platinum. This ring starts at £1,380, excluding the centre diamond.


Lady Gaga's pink sapphire engagement ring

Lady Gaga dated the talent agent Christian Carino from July 2016 to February 2019. Carino originally represented Gaga, and the relationship blossomed into a romance. After one year of dating, Carino proposed with a large pink sapphire engagement ring. The ring features a 13ct pink sapphire, surrounded by a halo of 12 white round brilliant diamonds. Set in platinum, the ring is just as beguiling as it’s owner. Pink sapphires are said to symbolise romance and feminine elegance, just like Gaga. We estimate the ring to have cost around  £24,000. 

Lady Gaga’s oval purplish pink sapphire measures around 14 x 10mm which brings the carat weight between a massive 6 – 8ct. The surrounding halo is set with each of the 14 round brilliant diamonds weighing 0.25ct each. That’s a whooping total carat weight of 3.00cts. – Kate Earlam-Charnley, Creative Director

Lady Gaga's pink sapphire engagement ring

If you love Gaga’s pink sapphire ring, take a look at our version of the enchanting design.

Our Lyra ring design can be customised to be set with either a diamond, or any colour sapphire. It’s also designed to have a straight wedding ring sit perfectly under the halo.

Pink engagement rings

A pink engagement ring is best suited for those who love to make a statement and who love to have fun. Softer pink tones, such as a light pink sapphire, or a pink diamond is best for those who prefer a muted, feminine look. For those who love light shades of pink or orange, consider a padparadscha sapphire. A padparadscha sapphire is a unique blend of pink, orange and yellow- usually culminating in a distinct salmon, peachy colour. Darker sapphire tones of fuchsia suit those who love to be bold!

Cushion cut pink sapphire set in platinum with diamond pave
Marquise pink sapphire set in platinum with diamond pave
Round padparadacha set in rose gold

Three rings inspired from Lady Gaga's engagement ring collection

The Dulcet

An elegant heart shaped diamond solitaire, Dulcet, the design’s namesake, is sure to delight anyone who falls under its gaze. Set in platinum, the Dulcet has fishtail pavé diamonds set into a beautiful rounded band measuring 1.6mm wide. Graceful and delicate, the centre diamond is proudly held by sculptural eagle claws, allowing the maximum amount of light to reach the stone.

The Celestial

In ancient times diamonds were thought to be splinters from the stars. In creating our Celestial ring we hoped to make a design that felt as though it had fallen from the heavens, bringing with it the magic of the night sky. This handmade engagement ring features a double halo design set in platinum, with a centrepiece oval diamond that has been expertly cut with the highest level of craftsmanship in order to maximise its stunning sparkle. The unique double halo is made of two rows of fishtail diamond pavé that emphasise the oval diamond ring’s impact and presence. The halo is also functional as the rows of diamonds protect the precious centre stone. The ultra slim 1.8mm pavé set band and matching halos make this single stone engagement ring feel like something plucked from the Milky Way.

The Dawn

The Dawn heart shaped diamond engagement ring is set in platinum, with fishtail pavé diamonds set into the halo and on the shank/shoulder of the ring. The rounded band is extremely comfortable and flattering on the finger. Graceful, yet commanding, the centre diamond is proudly held by sculptural eagle claws, allowing the maximum amount of light to be reflected from the stone.

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