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Top registry gift ideas for the modern couple

wedding gift registry ideas

We can all subscribe to the fact that there is nothing more exciting, yet exasperating, than gift shopping during the holiday season. The difficulty level exponentially increases when it comes to finding the right present for soon-to-be married couples. Luckily, online shopping offers greater choice than ever in helping you navigate this journey.

Modern couples are more tech-savvy than ever which is why you should probably check that they haven’t already created their own gift list on a registry website, like Zola. As this is the final week before Christmas, we wanted to offer a few last minute creative ways to surprise your couple friends.

Milennials frown on restrictions

If your friends are in their late 20s or early 30s, it’s most likely they value freedom more than anything else. That is why the most obvious gift for this couple would be an Airbnb gift card where you give them the choice of where to relax. A weekend getaway is the perfect way for a couple to recharge after a hectic week of work. Or, if they are planning a honeymoon or a sabbatical, you can contribute to their travel budget.

air bnb

The way to anyone’s heart

It’s through their stomach! Cooking a meal together is a great way to relax and bond. Cookware options are abound but we love Le Creuset because of its craftsmanship and it comes in a wonderful range of colours.


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And how about making a delicious meal and packing it up and heading out for a picnic? Picnic at Ascot has a great range of baskets, blankets, totes, coolers, and grills to create a memorable day out.

picnic basket gift

Customised travel bags

In the age of customisation, modern couples have wholeheartedly embraced personalising their belongings. We believe it comes from their need to distinguish themselves–to create their own signature in the sea of consumerism. Longchamp offers a wide selection of unisex travel bags and totes. Their Le Pliage range can be customised with different colours, strap lengths, hardware finishes and engraving options. Start their trip off right with a set of new luggage!


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Comic relief

A bit of fun and competition are always a great way to unwind. Board games are a classic choice with new and exciting games coming out every year. It’s not just Monopoly and Sorry to choose from anymore! Outdoor games like Bocce Ball is a great way to get out and enjoy sunny days. How about a classic poker set and beer-of-the-month membership? Game night has never looked so good! Or if games aren’t their thing, then how about tickets to go see their favourite comedian or a monthly subscription to Netflix? Laughter is the best medicine.

playing cards


It may be hard to surprise someone who’s up-to-date with current trends but don’t be disheartened. A wonderful experience together is something a couple will treasure for a lifetime! How about a scenic helicopter tour in their favourite city? A mountain hike you have mapped out furnished with a tent from The North face? A couples cooking class where they could put that Le Creuset cookware to good use?

camping tent


You will make a couple feel very special if you give them exclusive access to an activity they love or certainly would love. Why not consider a membership in a wine club? A membership at their favourite museum is a fantastic way to give them access to special members-only previews and seminars. Uspaah offers spa treatments where their sparistas come to you–the ultimate indulgence.

We hope our gift guide has inspired you to think outside of the box for gifting to your couple friends.

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