Princess Diamond Engagement Rings

With its clean lines and angles, princess diamond engagement rings are a modern, elegant choice.

The basics

The angular and distinctive princess-cut diamond engagement ring is a favourite amongst those who want a modern, geometric shape with strong lines. With four sides of roughly equal length, the princess diamond appears square in shape and continues to grow in popularity amongst bridal jewelry.

Why should I choose a princess diamond engagement ring?

Princess diamonds have impressive fire and brilliance, similar to a round or cushion cut, with a maximum amount of sparkle. Its extra facets allow more light to be dispersed throughout the stone, which also serves to minimise the appearance of inclusions and lower clarity characteristics.

A princess cut diamond also provides great value because when a diamond is raw and uncut it already resembles the structure of a princess cut. This means very little of the diamond is wasted in the cutting and polishing process. This efficiency will generally bring down the price of the diamond per carat.

Princess cut platinum solitaire ring

What is the history of the princess cut diamond?

The princess cut diamond is derived from one of the oldest diamond shapes, the table cut, which was invented early on due to its similarity of a diamond’s natural structure. The square-shaped table cut was the first refined cut of the rough diamond, invented in the 14th century. As diamond cutting technology improved and more facets could be added to more intricate geometries, the princess cut as we know today was created in 1980 by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz, and it was named the ‘princess’ cut because of its luxurious, regal shape.

The table cut diamond

What side stones compliment a princess cut diamond?

There is a wide variety of side stones and settings that compliment a princess cut diamond. With its angular shape, the princess cut could be paired with both a geometric side stone for a polished look, or a softer round stone to provide some contrast in the setting. The princess cut diamond looks beautiful in a trilogy with either smaller princess cuts, or trillion cut diamonds for a tapered look. Tapered baguettes are also a classic choice for a trilogy princess cut diamond ring.

If you love the princess cut diamond but want something more unconventional, why not design a custom engagement ring? You can create a one of a kind engagement ring, with features such as milgrain, filigree or side gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds or rubies. Incorporate unique details, with your favourite square cut diamond.

princess cut diamond engagement ring with filigree and milgrain detail

How do you pick a princess cut diamond?

A princess cut diamond is square in shape with an exceptional amount of sparkle and brilliance for such an angular shape. Its brilliance comes from its unique structure: on the underside of the princess cut, the diamond sides feature chevron cuts of usually two, three or four facets that catch the light from any angle. When looking at princess cuts, choose a cut with your preferred intensity by choosing the amount of facets in the cut.

When looking to buy a princess cut, always choose a depth percentage and table percentage that are classified as ‘excellent’. For the length to width ratio, go with a diamond that is below a 1:5 ratio, or else the diamond might seem slightly elongated and not catch an optimal amount of light.

The cutting scheme for a princess cut

How much are princess cut diamonds?

A 1ct princess cut diamond set in a plain yellow gold, rose gold or white gold band costs about  $4,850. A 1ct princess cut diamond set with a plain platinum band costs about $5,000.

A 2ct princess cut diamond set in a plain yellow gold, rose gold or white gold band costs about $17,000. A 2ct princess cut diamond set with a plain platinum band costs about $17,200.

Celebrity princess cut engagement rings

Princess cut diamonds are an elegant choice for an engagement ring, so it’s no wonder that many celebrities—such as Kate Bosworth and Emily Ratajkowski—opt for this cut for their most important piece of jewelry.

Bosworth’s ring features a 2ct princess cut diamond, set in a platinum band with tapered baguette side diamonds. A classic and chic piece, the engagement ring perfectly suits her feminine style.

Ratajkowski’s engagement ring features a 2ct princess cut diamond and a 3ct pear shaped diamond, set in a moi et toi style on a yellow gold band. The ring is very contemporary and stylish, perfect for the glam life of a famous supermodel.


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