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Rose gold engagement rings consist of a mixture of gold and other metals such as copper and silver, that give rose gold its blushy, soft hue. While rose gold engagement rings look stunning with a classic white diamond, they also look impressive with an array of gemstones including sapphires and rubies.

Rose gold is a versatile metal and can be worn with existing yellow and white gold jewelry, making it a popular choice for those who have an existing collection that they would wish to wear with their engagement ring.

Often associated with beauty, rose gold is a delicate and pretty metal choice, perfect for those who want something a little unique while still keeping their engagement ring design contemporary and feminine. In fact, behind platinum, rose gold is the most popular metal choice amongst our customers.

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What is rose gold?

Many people don’t know that pure, 24-carat gold is too “soft” to be used to craft everyday jewelry, so other alloys like silver, palladium, nickel, and zinc are added to it. With rose gold, that alloy is copper which is how the gold jewelry becomes rose-colored; the more copper, the deeper the rose hue. Rose gold is also sometimes referred to as red or pink gold. For the most soft, blushy tones, a 18-karat rose gold engagement ring is a wonderful choice.

Fast becoming a modern-day trend, rose gold engagement rings offer a contemporary aesthetic to an otherwise traditional item of jewelry. Its delicate yet striking appearance is responsible for its rising popularity.

Where does rose gold come from?

Rose gold has a long history of popularity among society’s elite. Despite the current-day popularity of rose gold, blending copper and gold isn’t new. In fact, rose gold appeared as early as the nineteenth century when popular jeweler to the Russian Tzars, Peter Carl Fabergé, incorporated the metal into his most ornate creations and, more commonly, into his popular Fabergé eggs.

The early 1900s saw excess, both socially and artistically. Jewelry design reflected the opulence of the time, with vivid colors and warmth heavily featuring. However, rose gold engagement rings as a trend didn’t peak until the 1920s with the Cartier Trinity Band. This burst of popularity lasted until the Art Deco movement brought white metal jewelry back into the mainstream, making white gold and platinum engagement rings the most popular choice of the era.

But when platinum was banned and prohibited due to the Second World War efforts, rose gold engagement rings once again resurfaced and gradually became more popular. One thing that will prevail with today’s rose gold engagement rings and jewelry is the same thing that has stood the test of time with designs from the nineteenth-century Faberge-era and the twenties’: timeless appeal.

Some people credit the insatiable popularity of rose gold engagement rings to tech and fashion companies that have featured rose gold tones and metallics in recent collections over the past decade. Rose gold engagement rings offer the perfect combination of romantic traditionalism and on-trend modernism.

Celebrity rose gold engagement rings

With the type of exclusivity that comes with rose gold engagement rings, Hollywood celebrities have targeted the metallic hue en masse. Gossip Girl stars, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester both own rose gold engagement rings.

The trend makes for a pretty, yet modern metal choice, increasingly in demand. Other stars like Julianne Hough, Alison Brie and Lauren Conrad can also be seen embracing this popular metal trend.

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why should i choose a rose gold engagement ring?

Not only have buyers appreciated vintage design cues, making today’s ‘common’ designs tomorrow’s treasures, but rose gold has always been considered a flattering metal choice for all skin tones. This clearly emphasizes why trendsetting celebrities are increasingly choosing rose gold, not just as a fashion statement but as something meant to last forever – their engagement rings.

Today’s rose gold offerings will not only suit contemporary design trends for years to come, but the tone itself offers a romantic warmth and provides soft contrast for the bright whiteness of another timeless element in engagement ring design: the diamond. These timeless design cues are not only why celebrities and the super rich have a bias towards rose gold for engagement and wedding bands, but why tech companies and other trendy device manufacturers use rose gold in their own tech pieces.

A rose gold necklace, earrings, engagement ring, or wedding band truly complement the subtle, blush skin tones of the human skin. It stands out without being brash. It blends without being invisible, making rose gold a truly spectacular visual experience, one that never ages. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that this unique metal is as strikingly popular now as it was more than a century ago.

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