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A garden of jewels

A bridal jewellery collaboration inspired by nature

Taylor & Hart x Hermione de Paula

Step into an ethereal world of rambling roses, tropical blooms, verdant wheat vines and majestic climbers.

A collection of intricate jewellery designs, inspired by organic shapes and motifs from the natural world. The two brands pride themselves on crafting one-of-a-kind heirlooms that tell the unique stories of their clients through bespoke design.

Drawing on a myriad of elements in the natural world – from the constellations in the dusky solstice sky to the vivacity of a midsummer garden beneath a strawberry moon – Hermione’s designs transcend seasons. Just like love.

The sacre coeur of her collections, Hermione’s couture expertise is woven into each of her one-of-a-kind designs. Sketches, patterns, toiles and embroideries are drawn from Hermione’s inspiration and memories, all handmade by small specialist teams dedicated to each stage of every creation.

On the Hermione de Paula collaboration, Taylor & Hart Design Director, Kate, says:

“Our vision was to craft a deeply meaningful jewellery collection that captures the intricate hand-embroidery and fluidity of Hermione’s gowns. The exquisite organic shapes and floral motifs that are woven onto her bridal creations are now mirrored in a cherished engagement or wedding ring that can be worn every day.”

This collection celebrates the uniqueness of your love story with one-off pieces, set against a sweeping backdrop of celestial structures, organic forms and romantic motifs.

Moonrise Reef

Inspired by travels to tropical locations and moonlight strolls along the sparkling sea, the Moonrise Reef double ring is the true masterpiece of the collection. The intricate details and lovingly-crafted embellishments include fern fronds, sprawling florals and celestial bodies that sparkle and glisten in the light. Celebrating Hermione de Paula’s beloved fern motif, this piece embodies the best of bespoke possibilities.

It boasts a cluster of diamonds and multicoloured gemstones that climb across two fingers, with five centre gemstones and diamonds nestled within a further seven diamonds and sapphires, with a total weight of over 10 carats.

Verdant Jewellery Collection

Fern motifs are a staple of Hermione de Paula’s designs. Stemming from her love of nature and memories of walking Hampstead Heath, the Verdant collection celebrates the majesty of foliage in the most special way. Masterfully recreating the sprawling designs normally seen on her embroidery and prints, the three-dimensional metalwork elevates these intricate fronds to a new level of artistry. With pieces including rings, pendants and earrings, these jewellery designs will transport you to leafy garden on a cool English eve.

Watch Kate, Design Director at Taylor & Hart, explore the inspiration behind the collaboration and how each piece of the Moonrise Reef collection was brought to life.

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