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Diamond Time Lapse

A Diamond Provenance Journey

diamond time lapse

Historically, diamonds have been incredibly difficult to trace. The manufacturing process is complex, with the diamond going through multiple touchpoints during the sourcing, cutting, and polishing processes and inevitably changing hands many times in the journey from the mine to the engagement ring. A diamond’s full provenance can often get lost in the process, which leaves jewellers with diamonds that can’t be qualified as ethically and sustainably sourced with full certainty.

While there are industry regulatory bodies such as the Kimberly Process, one diamond manufacturer has set out to create their own standards. Supplier Dharmanandan Diamonds is an industry-leading innovator who have created their own system called the Diamond Time Lapse, a blockchain-backed traceability program that records the entire journey of an individual diamond. Ensuring ethical and sustainability standards, Diamond Time Lapse is a powerful tool in the jewellery industry.

The Diamond Time Lapse is the world’s most secure diamond provenance program. By using blockchain technology, the real time progress of a diamond’s voyage can be documented with exceptional detail. Not only do you know where your diamond came from, but you know which mine and which individual handled the diamond during every part of the process. The use of blockchain technology gives us incredible transparency, as well as the wonderful story of your diamond.

As Diamond Time Lapse uses cutting edge technology, the platform itself is also very user-friendly. All you need is your diamond’s origin report number, and you can view or download your report anytime.

View a sample report below.

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