Stacking Rings: Top Five Life Milestones to Commemorate With a Ring

We need to talk. You’ve seen it on Instagram. You’ve seen it adorning the hands of that one really cool barista at your coffee shop. Nowadays it seems like we all have that one friend who’s got her shabby-chic cosy-glam vibes down to an art. How does she do it? Pretty easily, it turns out! If you haven’t guessed, we’re talking about ✨stacking rings✨

Put simply, ‘stacking rings’ refers to both a type of ring (usually thin delicate gold, silver, or mixed metal bands decorated with small constellations of gemstones, which vary in texture, shape, and thickness) and a means of wearing these rings (by literally stacking multiple rings on your fingers to create a bohemian look abundant in sparkle).


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Passing Fad or Heartfelt Expression?

A stacking ring set is probably the biggest jewellery trend to emerge out of the last five years. They’re celeb-approved and judging by the 300,000+ posts on Instagram tagged with #stackingrings, they’re here to stay. More than a mere craze, stacking up your rings is seen as a way to express your creativity, tell your life story, and commemorate the bonds that are near to your heart. 

This may not sound like a complete reinvention of the (ring-shaped) wheel. Using rings to mark relationships and milestones is an age-old tradition (*hint hint* it’s called an engagement ring and a wedding ring). But today, we define much more than just our romantic relationships through our style. We use our style to define our identity. 

What we love about this form of self-expression is that it allows the jewellery we wear to become something greater than a commodity: by embracing our own creative authority over the meaning of our rings, we create something authentic to us. It’s a chance to wear our values on our sleeve (or, on our hand 🙌). And also, they just look really, really good.

Bet you didn’t think a blog post about dainty stacking rings would get this deep, did you? Neither did we, really. But it just goes to show how inspiring the stacking ring trend can be. So, without further philosophising, to get you inspired about how to kick off your ring collection, we’ve put together a list of the top five life events that can and should be commemorated with a new ring stack.

1. A Friendaversary

Many people choose to mark a milestone wedding anniversary by stacking additional bands on their ring finger. It’s a beautiful way to honour how far you’ve come and celebrate the way love grows over time.

But there are other kinds of soulmates, too! As an upgrade on the classic friendship bracelet, why not go in for best friend rings? Never take for granted the love of a true friend. We think it’s only right to crystallise the bond shared between you and your BFF by dedicating a ring to them (maybe by choosing a piece that features their birthstone?).

Overall, we recommend choosing a stackable ring that has a shape which can symbolise your friendship, such as our Anemone eternity band. Each marquise-shaped bezel of round diamonds leans on the other as they travel along the band, just like two friends leaning on each other through the good times and the bad.

2. A Graduation

Whether you’re graduating from college, university, an apprenticeship or technical training programme—or simply if you’ve managed to get your kid through primary school alive—a graduation is an inherently meaningful moment.

Not only have you accomplished something great, but you’ve proven to yourself that you’re capable of whatever endeavour is coming next. Toss your mortarboard into the air and pick out the perfect handmade gold ring to commemorate your achievement.

Go for either a refined collection of thin and dainty rings, like those sported by the likes of Taylor Swift and Emma Watson. Or pick up some bolder, more intricate stacked rings which pack a punch, like the collection of diamond and sterling silver and gold chunky rings made famous by Rhianna and Billie Eilish.

3. Having a Child

It goes without saying, but nothing will change your life more than having a child. This is an achievement unlike any other. If we wear a ring to honour a life partner, why shouldn’t we for our children? Not only will it be a reminder of all the ways your little one has filled your life with wonder, but it’ll also be a way honouring you as a parent. For all the times you knew they were going to have to learn the hard way, for the kisses you gave to scraped-up knees, and for the standing ovation you gave at every living room dance recital.

Parenting is terrifying, but it’s also extraordinary. Find a style of stacker ring that will speak to the nature of your relationship with your child. Our Lotus eternity ring has a twisting shape formed out of platinum or rose, white, or yellow gold, peppered with white diamonds. The bond formed by the twist in the band represents the way we are inextricably bound with the ones we love most, forever.

4. Climbing a Mountain (maybe a real one, but probably a metaphorical one)

If you have in fact climbed a real mountain, you should absolutely go buy yourself a ring to celebrate right now. Seriously. Well done you. But If you haven’t overcome low-oxygen conditions and a gruelling multi-day expedition, that’s also totally fine. For we all climb mountains in this life—just for most of us, they’re metaphors.

What we’re talking about here is when you go through a challenging period in your life and, through grit and determination, come out the other side stronger for it. Whether that means you finally landed a steady job, resolved a longstanding conflict, or simply got through the day when the day seemed like too much.

For this intention, find a diamond stacking ring to wear on your index finger—or choose a smaller ring size to wear as a gemstone midi ring—to symbolise the fact that only you know the best way forward. You’re doing great. Keep going.


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5. Self-love

Okay, so this one may not *technically* be a milestone. But if loving yourself isn’t worth commemoration, what is? And if love is the true catalyst for change, then maybe taking the time to honour your self-love is the most incisive way to set off a period of positive change.

Something to celebrate self-love should be simple in its design but rich in emotional value. The foundational piece of jewellery you’ll need for your stack is a classic plain thin band. Something like our Protea eternity band is perfect. At only 1.60mm thick, it pairs perfectly with virtually any other colour of precious metal. And add some variety to your stack by mixing this piece with a ring of a different texture or one with a bezel set stone.

And just as a true appreciation for the person you are doesn’t need recognition from others to be valid, a delicate handmade band expresses the most while saying the least.

We hope this brief guide has you excited about beginning a journey into the world of stacking rings, or at least given you reason to add to your collection. There’s no hard science that proves why this fashion is having such a moment in the spotlight, but we think it’s because self-expression has always been a central reason as to why we wear jewellery. 

Now more than ever, your creativity as an individual and your personal character have become interchangeable. We encourage you to play around with your stacks until they feel like a perfect reflection of the human you are. When the look is just right, you’ll know. Have fun!

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