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The Ultimate Guide to Jewellery Influencers and Bloggers

the ultimate guide to jewellery influencers and bloggers2

The diamond and jewellery industry is a tempting field of competence for many, and we think we should all stick together – designers, makers, sellers, customers and fans.

And by that, we mean that the industry can continue to grow and evolve only through the joint efforts of everyone involved.

We at Taylor and Hart know how tough it is to be part of such high-value business, which is not just about glitz and glamour, but also about the hard-working individuals who mine, process and craft the precious final product. This is why we have made an extensive list of jewellery blogs and websites that educate, inspire, capture and cultivate an informed customer.

We present to you the ultimate guide to jewellery bloggers and influencers.

Jewellery Schools
Diamond Education and Niche Websites



Champagne Gem

Persian-born, Melbourne-based blogger, Bebe Bakhshi, is passionate about diamonds, high jewellery and watches. Champagne Gem represents Bebe’s own views of the jewellery and watch industry in the form of articles, interviews with designers and red carpet stories. In addition, her social media platforms, especially Instagram, is focussed on showcasing diamonds from rough to polished and set in bridal and high jewellery pieces. 

Why we like it: The gift ideas is definitely something to have a look at. No matter the season, the jewelrista makes beautiful selections of sparkling presents that would suit the occasion.


Gem Gossip

Danielle Miele has been consistently developing her love for fine jewellery and, having started the blog almost 10 years ago, she has now devoted herself to writing and consulting full-time.

Why we like it: Gem Gossip is a true treasure for the unique and antique. It shows in Danielle’s unmistakable style and her selection of both local and international brands who show a flair for custom design.


Katerina Perez

As one of the most influential bloggers and content creators within the jewellery industry, Katerina writes about jewellery as art, handpicking the very best fine pieces – from the latest collection of a luxury brand to emerging artists. She focuses on their cultural connection to jewellery, and how they translate their ideas into precious adornments.

Why we like it: We love Katerina’s Who Is Who section where she puts designers in the spotlight, giving enough credit to individual artistry.


Gem Obsessed
This website is a very good place to look at when unsure of the jewellery trends and the celebrities that make diamonds shine even brighter. Cheryl Kremkow is its creator and curator and she writes with passion and expertise.

Why we like it: Gem Obsessed delivers what it promises – an insider’s view of the world of fashion and jewellery designers and the celebrity part is strictly limited to the jewels.


The Jewelry Loupe

The site was launched in 2009 and its founder and editor, Cathleen McCarthy, aims at covering any jewellery question imaginable, like how to photograph jewellery, how to decipher jewellery hallmarks, how to buy ancient jewellery, and who’s wearing what on popular TV shows.

Why we like it: It is relatively rare to see exploration of men’s jewellery among gem bloggers. The Jewelry Loupe does that. You will also find useful links with McCarthy’s webinars on third-party websites as well as a guide to the world’s best jewellery readings.


Jewels du Jour

Exquisitely and neatly done, Jewels du Jour targets jewellery connoisseurs who attend top annual jewellery events and auctions and who are passionate about sparkling grandeur and high-end finds.

Why we like it: Natalie manages to draw a distinct line between her personal inclinations and her purely informative side, so we get a reliable source for inspiration and facts.


Diamonds in the Library

There are two things Becky, the founder of this blog, is expert about – diamonds and books. She left her job as an editor for the Federal government and has made the blog her full-time occupation. Apart from reading Becky’s elaborate book reviews, you can also quench your jewellery obsession – the information is stored in categories by design, era, type or material.

Why we like it: Diamonds in the Library is quirky and edgy and, for what it’s worth, its policy is transparent.

diamonds in the library


Undoubtedly one of the most prominent jewellery sites to visit, Gemologue is among the top five jewellery blogs covering, trends, events, street style and vintage jewellery.

Why we like it: Liza Urla has managed to merge her job and her hobby and she is now one of the biggest jewellery influencers out there. We particularly like the video section on Gemologue which is full of educational and inspirational content. Another major plus is Liza’s photoshoots in which every detail beautifully complements the jewel in focus.


Margo Raffaelli

The lady behind this blog is Moscow-based jewellery consultant Margo Raffaeli. Her focus is unique and rare jewels and she also does private consulting. Raffaelli has been in the business for 14 years.

Why we like it: Despite the lavishness of all the things precious on this blog, it oozes cosiness. It is maybe Margo’s fairytale -like tone in which she will tell you about a gem or a ring. The blog is a fantastic read even for those not-so-familiar with the jewellery world.


Esther Ligthart’s blog is the Dutch haven for jewellery lovers who have an eye for the quirky and colourful. The founder has a distinct interest in handmade jewellery, which probably stems from her experience running a jewellery store in Italy for six years. She also writes for several trade magazines including UBM ASIA, CJNA, Jewellery Network Asia, VO+ and The Futurist.

Why we like it: From the land of professional miniaturists, we would expect no less than great attention to the smallest detail. Ligthart gives her readers an insider’s view to all types of complex jewellery crafting (like Japanese, Lebanese) but also – to the places the Netherlands occupy in the European and the world market.


Gem Hunt

The trigger behind this virtual gem is Catherine Cason, who has taken up an ambitious task to showcase smaller, independent jewellers. She founded Gem Hunt in 2016 and in that time she has managed to collect an envy-provoking amount of useful jewellery advice and inspiration for individuals who love jewellery. This is what she calls the #DiamondTribe – a virtual haven for gem addicts.

Why we like it: This blog is very open about its mission and does what it must to provide the readers with information about jewellers and jewellery trends that shy away from the spotlight. 

gem hunt

Calla Gold

Santa Barbara-based jeweller, Calla Gold, has a website where you can see precious advice on how to design, maintain and repair your beloved piece.

Why we like it: Despite being a professional jeweller, Gold has no brick-and-mortar headquarters, but visits her customers herself. She has built a community of craft fans and happy customers and there is actually a section on her website where clients can send questions to which Gold diligently replies. That’s what we call excellent customer service!




Monica Stephenson has been blogging about fine jewellery for more than a decade and has been working in the jewellery field for more than two. Her blog bridges the gap between traditions and innovations – she connects designers with collectors and jewellery admirers thanks to her Seattle-based consultation showroom.

Why we like it: iDazzle lays well-deserved focus on personalised jewellery and gift ideas which immediately indicates an editor who is there to help not only the jewellery connoisseur but the gem-appreciating customer too.



Welcome to the Land of Jewels! Barbara Palumbo’s own adorned mentality is behind this virtual collection of quirky musings about fine jewellery and all the fun that surrounds it.

Why we like it: Unlike many jewellery bloggers, Palumbo’s writing style is super light and somewhat tongue-in-cheek. The content balances between professional reviews of jewellery items and events and a personal touch and sense of humour.


The Adventurine

All the glamour and drama of the tempting world of jewellery in one place. With 25 years of experience behind her, Marion Fasel is a prominent figure in the jewellery business. Covering the latest news, designers’ profiles, celebrity jewels and bridal precious ornaments, The Adventurine is a prolific source of competent advice and inspiration.

Why we like it: We especially love the bridal section of the blog. Not only does it inform on the latest trends in bridal jewellery, but it also features a sentimental throwback to past times where we find limitless inspiration.




It is actually an online magazine, not exactly a blog, and Bejeweled is definitely a place with authority. It is the offspring of professional jewellery journalist of two decades, Beth Bernstein.

Why we like it: We have to admit that the Conversations section gets us excited. We read about the curious stories of people’s most treasured jewellery items, interesting details about antique jewellery, and a jewellery box full of brilliant designers to keep an eye on. Bernstein’s artful styling shows in the very selection of names to turn the attention to.


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Jewelry Fashion Tips

Amy Roseveare is a professional style consultant and her passion is fine jewellery. Her lifelong fascination with precious ornaments finds an outlet in Amy’s blog where she shares her impressions.

Why we like it: The readers can find useful tips for maintaining their precious accessories or what to do with the items they can no longer wear. Men can also benefit from this blog – there are some style suggestions for them, too!


In Detail

One of the most elegant and refined jewellery sites in the UK, In Detail introduces us to the who, what and how’s of jewellery with the help of professionally executed content and imagery that is both luxurious and serene.

Why we like it: The Creative Director, Beanie Major, professes a deep interest in custom design. In Detail recently expanded its virtual influence by setting up the Engagement Rings Instagram account where Beanie showcases the best of contemporary engagement ring designs.


The Cut London

The online destination for design-led, exceptional and non-conventional engagement rings – the is how Kate Baxter, the founder of The Cut London, describes this engagement rings h(e)aven.

Why we like it: Kate Baxter is one of the uncompromising voices on the jewellery scene. She would expertly advise the customer on what ring would suit their individuality because she knows that the word ‘bespoke’ is not one you can label any jewel with.


in detail
the cut london
katerina perez

Rockin’ That Gem

A new-generation blogger from Perth, Australia, Isabella Lee is here to tell you more about her love for contemporary jewellery. Isabella is interested in custom-minded jewellers and appreciates individuality.

Why we like it: Lee’s approach cannot go unnoticed even when it comes to the delicate design of minimalist jewellery. The blogger curates her virtual space tastefully, showing a coherent representation of her own aesthetics.


Adorn London

Also known as the consumer-orientated face of the Adorn Insight, Adorn London is where you get all the latest trends no matter the age, style or budget.

Why we like it: This blog is a pioneer in the field of online jewellery education. The editors will help you choose and style your jewels of choice and will introduce you to some of the most interesting names in the business.


Carol Woolton

We can only praise and admire this iconic jewellery writer. Mostly recognised as British Vogue’s jewellery editor, Woolton’s signature is under numerous publications like The Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, Spectator Magazine and Tatler.

Why we like it: Woolton’s website is not only a portfolio where you can have a closer look at her books and articles, but also a visionary collection of what has caught her attention.


Rachael Taylor Writes

Rachael Taylor is one of the prominent jewellery writers today and her website is a demonstration of her passion and profession. She is a freelance journalist for several luxury media and her blog is a more personal diary of her jewellery experiences.

Why we like it: The blog will give you access to Taylor’s original articles for prestigious publications. A sneak-peek of happy, shiny world.


Kathryn Bishop

Kathryn Bishop is the youngest Council Member and a Trustee of the UK’s Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council and she is the co-founder of Women’s Jewellery Network. Her blog gives us insight to her professional adventures and shows off her creative writing skills.

Why we like it: Bishop’s website and tweets speak of someone who demonstrates in-depth knowledge of how the jewellery industry works. A young professional with true grit!

Jennifer Heebner

Her goal for this site is to connect jewellery lovers to the vast landscape of artisans and their advocates – this is what you will read on Heebner’s About page. Judging by the number of her audience, she has managed to grow an impressive fanbase.

Why we like it: We are in love with the Conversations section on the blog as it represents short video interviews on edgy topics. 


Jewellery Craze

The latest updates on contemporary Indian jewellery to age-old traditional designs.

Why we like it: This blog is lush, just like the culture it represents, and we admire the continuity it has established between traditional and modern jewellery. We urge you to check out the Customised Jewellery section.


Wendy Brandes

Jewellery designer, Wendy Brandes, entered the sparkly trade and blogosphere 10 years ago, following a career as a journalist. Her fashion inclination and obvious flair for jewellery artistry is catalogued daily, with her humorous and historical blog that tells the story of her own designs, many of which are inspired by women throughout history.

Why we like it: We love out-of-the-box thinkers who are not afraid to voice their unique opinions! Plus, Wendy and we share a love for vintage and one-of-a-kind designs, so we can’t help but say bravo.


Katherine Ainsworth

This lady’s love for travel and jewellery has found an outlet in a personal blog. The world of fine jewellery is her favourite destination, so expect a lot of ‘check-ins’.

Why we like it: Katherine keeps her blog posts very open and light-hearted. You can count on her to discuss her jewellery finds – no fireworks, just a fun account of what has kindled her interest.

Jewellery Schools

London Jewellery School Blog

For the aspiring jewellers from England and all around the world, this place is a must. Based in the mecca of all things sparkly, Hatton Garden, the London Jewellery School is Europe’s largest training centre. The blog is written in a friendly tone and gives an insight to various jewellery making techniques.

Why we like it: There is practical advice to graduates on what they need to know about their tuition in the school, but there is also a good deal of information about the jewellery business and some very handy market tips.


Rio Grande Blog

The blog of the jewellery supplier is a neatly executed site with tons of expert crafting tips and inspirational posts. Drop by if you’re curious about the influencers in the industry or if you are a jeweller who wouldn’t mind some help in choosing the best jeweller’s file or hammer.

Why we like it: The blog is on the same page with all the latest trends in jewellery making and its focus are those who actually design and make precious ornaments, not so much the customers.


Jewelry News Network

This is a more industry-focused jewellery blog, focusing on the machinery behind the finished piece.

Why we like it: Anthony DeMarco is a luxury writer that has made a career writing about jewellery and watches for publications like JCK, VO+ and Forbes. Search ‘engagement rings’ in the blog – you’ll be surprised how many insider’s stories DeMarco can tell you – from what happened to the ring Trump gave to his second wife to what diamond shape gets Jean Dousset excited.


The BAJ blog

The British Academy of Jewellery is the place where aspiring jewellers can learn the craft from the very best. The BAJ blog has a weekly digest offering the jewellery news roundup, as well as some magazine-like articles.

Why we like it: Reports, lookbooks, must-go events – you name it – this blog gives you an insider’s look at the industry and is a great companion for those aiming at perfecting their skills and knowledge of the craft.


The JTV Blog

A detailed account of every possible jewellery trend and event you might need to catch up on if you’ve missed it when it was aired.

Why we like it: For people who rely on high authority sources, this blog is the place to be. The Travel section of the blog is an exciting getaway for virtual travellers, as the editors recount their adventures in the search for extraordinary designers and gems.


Be a Jeweler

Described as an outreach effort of the jewellery industry association MJSA, this website is dedicated to all who want to excel in jewellery making as well as to designers who are willing to become mentors to beginners.

Why we like it: The Advice and Insights section is a wonderful way to get to know real jewellers and hear their stories without sparing you the trials and tribulations.

Diamond Education and Niche Websites

Diamond Authority

An online source for anything diamond and jewellery. Both consumers and retailers can benefit from the inspirational and educational posts.

Why we like it: We are fans of the Rings section – you can browse through it for tips on how to plan your engagement, how to read your girlfriend’s engagement ring fantasies and what chocolate diamonds are.



The number one source for those who are interested in loose diamonds and getting them online safely.

Why we like it: The blog is filled with nice reads on engagement rings, marriage habits, conflict and coloured diamonds.



If you’ve heard about Dazzle Jewellery Exhibitions that take place in Edinburgh twice a year, you must be familiar with its online manifestation, the Lovedazzle blog. Their mission is to showcase contemporary, hand-crafted jewellery.

Why we like it: Lovedazzle appreciates every material and technique as long as it is innovative and ground-breaking. We believe that it is a major site to visit if you’re curious to know what young jewellery graduates and renowned designers are making these days.



Digital experience for jewellers. Yes, this is exactly it. If there is anyone as passionate about tech and sparkle as ourselves, this is them.

Why we like it: The GemFind blog answers questions that you don’t probably know how to ask, like, why do you need digital marketing for your jewellery store, how to generate sales through blogging and should your business be on Twitter? Simply brilliant.


The Connoisseurs Blog

It should come as no surprise that a leading brand in the jewellery and silver care can, in fact, deliver great content on various jewellery topics. The Connoisseurs Blog is here with the latest jewellery trends.

Why we like it: We’re always in the search of good ring-related posts and it is on this one that we stumbled upon a gift guide for men and men’s rings were the focus. Hats down for niche articles!

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Real is Diamond

A site that will give you the know-how of how diamonds are made and the people who make them.

Why we like it: We like the way a complex matter such as diamond sourcing is illustrated in a ‘real’, very personal and transparent way. The word ‘real’ is key here as this is part of the site policy – talking about authenticity because eventually, a diamond is an epitome of the connection between two people, of a relationship.


The Diamonds of Choice Blog

This blog will keep you updated on everything you need to know about diamond buying and maintenance.

Why we like it: It’s the smartly structured content that wins us and we believe no customer would resist a top five guide to anything diamond or engagement-y.



A whole website dedicated to the how-to of engagement rings. The need for an informed decision when choosing THE ring encouraged Alastair Smith to establish this niche site where you can find free ring advice and some brand reviews.

Why we like it: Really cool infographics and useful surveys – this is the right place for engagement ring hunters.


Cooksongold Blog

Even though Cooksongold is dedicated to the jewellery maker, the blog is meant to please every potential jewellery buyer.

Why we like it: Tips, tools and findings – you name it. Plus, you get information about all the Cooksongold Freepost events and activities which is a nice way to engage with professionals and like-minded jewellery addicts.

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