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Three reasons to customise your wedding rings

Engagement rings can often steal the show when it comes to custom ring design, but it’s your wedding bands that you both share for a lifetime. After all, the wedding dress to the venue, floral arrangements, menu and song requests, every element of your wedding is personalised to you. But what about your wedding rings?

Rings are a time-old symbol of commitment dating all the way back to the Ancient Rome and Greece and are believed to be placed on the fourth finger of the left hand because there’s a ‘vein of love’ that runs from this finger directly to your heart. Cute, right?

When it comes to choosing your wedding ring, the possibilities are endless–from coloured gemstones to engraved inscriptions, signature stones and everything in between, wedding rings should capture the love story you share.

You might already have a custom engagement ring and are looking for something to complement your design. Maybe you want a matching set so that you and your partner share similar designs that symbolise your commitment. Or maybe you’re just looking for a wedding band that isn’t off the shelf.

Whatever the reason, let’s explore the three ways you can customise your wedding ring:

1. Expressing your love

There’s a whole host of ways that couples can express their love for one another through their rings.

One of the most popular ways is through an engraving or a signature stone. Both of these customisations act as a hidden detail that can be shared between just you and your partner.

Engravings can range from the date you met, a favourite lyric or quote or a simple message that’s special to you both. Each of our rings are set with a signature ruby on the inside of the band that can be swapped out for a gemstone that’s personal to your love story–perhaps a birthstone, or a gemstone that reflects an important colour to the two of you.

Simple, but so sentimental.

2. Matching It To Your Engagement Style

Another reason to opt for a bespoke design is so you can have a wedding band that perfectly matches your existing engagement ring.

Sometimes an engagement ring design won’t allow for a straight wedding ring to sit flush against it. This is where the magic of technology comes in. We can use a 3D scan of your engagement ring design and use it to ensure your wedding ring will lie flush next to it.

Of course, it doesn’t have to sit flush. There’s lots of other ways to make your engagement and wedding ring design match. This includes eternity designs, curved bands or stand outs. Whatever you’re after–there’s a way to curate a look to suit your style.

3. Guarantee A Perfect Matching Pair

A pair of matching wedding bands for the both of you is always a great idea. After all, who doesn’t love a matching set?

To make the rings harmonious, you can opt for matching finishes and metals or you can go with subtle variations, like the Bay and Bayberry design shown. A creative way to go, these rings elegantly mimic each other, with stones that differ in colour.

For an extra bold look, your bespoke wedding bands can feature the same engraving, leaving no question of who is with who when you walk into a room. This filigree pattern above is brimming with a sense of vintage romance and will turn your wedding bands into a statement piece.

Having personalised rings that can reflect your one-of-a-kind love is a perfect way to celebrate your marriage. Each time you look at your specially tailored ring, you can think fondly of the partnership that you share.

It also gives you and your spouse a chance to express your individual style, with the opportunity to create complementary rings and the ability to combine your wedding band and engagement ring into one fluid design. Your wedding rings should reflect a story that’s truly yours, not anyone else’s.

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