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The Three Most Loved Solitaire Engagement Ring Styles

Nothing says classical sophistication like a solitaire engagement ring. There’s a reason why this engagement ring style represents around 70% of the engagement ring market and it’s not hard to see why when celebrities like Gisele Bundchen, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Mila Kunis opt for these timeless treasures.

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Why Choose A Platinum Engagement Ring?

Platinum is a white metal which is highly sought after for its rarity, long-term durability, non-reactive properties and most importantly, its beauty. A symbol of unsurpassed quality and prestige, platinum’s low reflection rate acts as the perfect canvas for the icy brilliance of diamonds, making it the preferred white metal for engagement and wedding rings.

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modern woman

Engagement Ring Designs For The Modern Lady

The modern lady embraces innovative trends and unique design elements to create her own adaptation of a traditional style or design. These unique design elements can include stone orientation, stone shapes, claw shapes and elements from other eras like Edwardian and Art Deco.

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