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wedding day

Five Unique Wedding Venues

Do you want a unique wedding that isn’t the traditional church venue? Here are a few thought provoking wedding venues that might just tempt you to plan a wedding at a venue that no one will never forget..

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GIA diamond certificate

Call For Transparent Diamond Grading in the Industry

Here at Taylor and Hart we are supporting Ernie Blom, president of the WFDB in his campaign for cracking down on the issue of over grading in the industry.

We only use GIA graded diamonds like some other online jewellers. This is to ensure that all our customers have piece in mind in what they are buying and that all our diamonds are ethically sourced.

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fancy-coloured-diamonds taylor and hart

Fact or Fiction. Diamonds

I thought it be wise sharing some of my insights about the modern diamond industry and clearing up fact from fiction when it comes to these precious stones. Here are 5 short and interesting facts that I can guarantee most of you wont know!

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