Aline’s career has been one rich with experience and opportunity, beating the odds to carve out a vibrant path in the jewellery industry. From learning to craft jewellery in high school to getting her GIA graduate diploma in Thailand, Aline has always been a passionate creative.

Born in Belgium, Aline began to craft jewellery at the young age of 15, whilst still in high school. Following her passion, she went on to complete a BA in Industrial Jewellery, Object & Accessory Design in Switzerland. Aline graduated at the peak of the recession in 2008, and moved to England to learn English and find her first job in jewellery. Finding work at the time was challenging, as she spoke little English in a volatile economy. Through perseverance, Aline found her first role at the Scottish jewellery company Hamilton and Inches.

After learning English and living in the UK for a couple of years, Aline craved more adventure. She began travelling, working at Tiffany & Co. in Belgium. She then moved to New Zealand, where Aline learned to carve jade, a skill she has carried with her throughout her career.

With a burning desire to continue expanding her knowledge, Aline then moved to Thailand, the heart of the gemstone mining industry, and completed the GIA Graduate Gemologist program where she was fortunate to visit many sapphire mines.

Aline has worked with a variety of premium jewellers across the world. Now an integral part of the Taylor & Hart team, her wealth of global jewellery experience is demonstrated in the way she fully immerses herself into the design process, committing to crafting each customer’s perfect ring.

taylor and hart design consultant

Obviously I could have studied in London or the US, but I wouldn’t have had the same amazing access to the supply chain. That’s why I chose to study in Thailand. I visited the mines where the gemstones are sourced and I saw how each stone is cut–it was an incredible experience.


Quickfire Q&A

What is your favourite gemstone?

Paraiba tourmaline. They’re amazing–so unique in colour and are mined in the Brazilian region of Paraiba.

What is your favourite metal?


What is your favourite gemstone shape?

Pear shape. It is so elegant!

How do you describe your style in three words?

Delicate, intricate, vintage.

Sources Of Inspiration


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Lorenz Baumer | Contemporary Jewellery

Lorenz Baumer is a jeweller located in the famous Place Vendome in Paris, France. Initially studying to be an engineer, Baumer became a jeweller in 1989, and initially began making costume jewellery. He famously created a tiara for the wedding of Charlene Whittstock and HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.

“I really like Lorenz Baumer’s work. He uses rare gemstones of the highest quality and isn’t afraid to experiment with form–he’s confident in his high level of craftsmanship. His pieces often reference architecture and poetry, and could be considered as contemporary art” – Aline

Stephen Webster | Alternative Jewellery

Stephen Webster is a British jewellery designer, known for his modern designs and unique use of materials. Webster has a distinctive style, he is rebellious and daring and was a pioneer of the use of fairtrade gold.

“I find Steven Webster’s jewellery interesting because he manages to experiment with a lot of colour, from the metal to the gemstone. He creates amazing jewellery, very ‘rock n’ roll’ which sets him apart from other jewellers. His style is edgy and alternative” – Aline


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The Edwardian Period

Aline’s favourite style of jewellery harks back to the Edwardian era, between 1901 and 1914. This period was a time of frivolous, opulent wealth amongst the upper classes, led by King Edward VII.

Edwardian jewellery is characterised by its detail and lavishness. Elegant tiaras with intricate patterns were popular at the time, with iconic brands such as Cartier and Boucheron receiving an overwhelming amount of orders from the nobility, all competing to look the best in King Edward’s courts.

In today’s context, almost all modern jewellery designs take inspiration from these iconic eras of design. Aline also loves arabesque details. The term ‘Arabesque’ is used to describe design features characterised by intertwining plants and rhythmic, curved linear patterns. The intricate patterns typically feature organic scroll patterns with spiraling stems, and usually consists of a single, tiled design that can be repeated.

Aline’s Favourite Design

Every ring we craft tells a story. Each of our incredibly talented design consultants are tasked with weaving this story into a fully-realised design, subtly imparting their flair and skill along the way. While each ring is designed with the utmost care and thought, our design consultants do have their favourites…

Aline’s favourite design is a platinum engagement ring, set with a 0.79 carat round centre diamond and flanked with tapered round diamonds down the band. The band was engraved with Edwardian inspired details, with the use of filigree to accentuate the intricacy of the design.

“Designing a ring that captures someone’s story is so nice. I love creating jewellery pieces that reflect the people who actually wear them. For this engagement ring, I enjoyed the exchange I had with the customer–the elements that we put together worked so well and resulted in a stunning ring. The design also included a lot of arabesque detail–my favourite!”- Aline

With a jewellery career spanning over 15 years, Aline’s work and artistic style has cultivated the designer that she is today. An expert in her craft, Aline works tirelessly to make sure that every one of her customers admire their engagement ring design for a lifetime.

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