Four reasons why you should make a wedding gift registry

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Who doesn’t like getting gifts? And when you’re getting married, you’ll be getting hundreds of them! Exciting, right? But in the real world, wedding gifts often end up being more of a task to manage that something you love and use. After all, no couple needs twenty dinner sets, ten lamps or fifteen photo frames? But, since you’ll be setting up a new home, there are lots of things you WILL need.

A great option that you have is making your own wedding gift registry! Not only will it ensure that your wedding gifts become a part of your new life, but it has many other benefits., India’s first wedding gift registry platform, gives us four reasons why a registering for gifts is an absolute must nowadays.

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1. A waste-free wedding

Billions of dollars are being spent every year on weddings and wedding gifts. Couples exhaust their savings trying to plan the perfect wedding, and guests spend money on getting the couple a gift they will love and remember. Sounds perfect? Well, mostly not. When couples don’t share their gift preferences, guests don’t know what to get them and go with the usual suspects (Read lamps, bowls, dinner sets etc.).The couple needs a lot of things to set up their new home, but most of the time, end up buying them while recycling the gifts they received. By using a wedding gift registry, that can be avoided and couples can create a wishlist for the gifts they really need from their most beloved friends and family.

2. A stress-free wedding

Without a gift registry, guests give the couple their gifts at some point during the celebrations. However, this becomes an added stress for the couple and their families, as managing these boxes and cash envelopes is not an easy task. Transporting them from the venue to one’s home is an even more cumbersome one. From misplaced gifts to lost gift messages, anyone who’s ever gotten married will have a horror story to narrate.

Using a wedding gift registry allows couples to keep track of their gifts, and have them delivered at a convenient place and time.

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3. A hands-free wedding

Couples often hesitate about creating a registry because they worry it might offend their guests. However, an in-depth survey of wedding guests by shows that guests love this idea the most. Not only do guests know exactly what the couple wants, but they can order it conveniently. And the biggest advantage? They don’t have to lug around a big box on the actual wedding day, waiting to give it to the couple.

4. A gift-free wedding

A lot of couples opt to donate their wedding gift contributions to charity. They know that they have enough for themselves so charity seems like a thoughtful option. Guests also love this idea as they know their money is going to a good cause. Charity registry is a great option as it assures that all the donations are going directly to the chosen institution.

Create a free, universal gift registry with that you can customise according to your personal preferences. It might well end up being one of the coolest things you’ll do while planning your wedding.

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