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With a background in art and design, Juliet fell into the jewelry world through exploring the art during university. Spending her childhood across England and Australia, the time spent between the two landscapes has informed Juliet’s organic, sinuous design style.

An avid traveller, Juliet grew up in different cities in England and Australia as her father was in the Royal Air Force. Juliet was an artistic child and would spend the majority of her time making arts and craft. At school, Juliet entered a creative pathway and flourished, going on to study design at the University of Liverpool. Experimenting with different classes and mediums, she fell in love with jewelry making and quickly knew that it would be the career she’d pursue.

Artistically, Juliet is heavily influenced by nature drawing inspiration from memories of living in the countryside as well as her extensive travels around the globe. She is inspired by the different landscapes, flora and fauna of individual countries and loves to study different cultures to see how people across nations have used jewelry as a form of self expression and to signify certain events and status.

Colour is very important to Juliet, translating into her jewelry designs adorned with bold, bright gemstones. Her passion for gemstones led her decision to study Gemology at the Gemological Association of Great Britain (GEM A). These studies enhanced her technical understanding of precious stones, and combined with her conceptually focused degree, Juliet has mastered the craft of jewelry design.

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Quickfire Q&A

What is your favorite gemstone?

Sapphires. I enjoy that there’s such a variety of colors, which often surprises people. They are such a diverse and interesting gemstone that can bring personality to a seemingly classic design.

What is your favorite stone shape?

Oval. I think they have a very elegant and elongating shape, that you can create interesting designs with.

What is your favorite metal?


How would you describe your design aesthetic in three words?

Organic, delicate, individual.

Sources of Inspiration


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Pamela Love | Symbolism

Juliet is inspired by the designs created by Pamela Love, particularly by her use of colorful gemstones. Love’s designs are influenced by all things mystic, astronomy, astrology, and alchemy. Her work lays roots in early American and Mexican silver traditions. The brand began with the designer working straight out of her apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

“Love’s enchanting designs are steeped in American folklore and symbolism, with references to nature incorporated in all of her pieces. I love her raw aesthetic, and use of semi-precious stones and materials.” – Juliet

Mirit Weinstock | Eclecticism

The Isreali artist and designer Mirit Weinstock uses innovative materials in her jewelry designs, finding inspiration in Japanese art and fashion. Her love of trinkets, materials and souvenirs informs her work and allows her to create poetic, feminine jewelry.

“I love the influence that nature has on Weinstock’s designs. She uses bold bursts of color and creates fun statement pieces. Her work is expressive, yet she doesn’t take herself too seriously!” – Juliet


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Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau flourished between 1890 and 1910, as a direct reaction against the historicism of 19th century architecture and design. Inspired by natural forms, Art Nouveau incorporated the curves and flow of plants and flowers, to create a sense of organic dynamism and movement. The evolution’s style is also characterised by the use of innovative materials for the time, such as iron, glass, ceramic and concrete in objects.

“I love the influence of nature in this design era and the use of color in Art Nouveau. It’s a vibrant design period and I enjoy how lines flow through all aspects of the objects. The design period was obsessed with detail–nothing was overlooked. The smallest aspects of any design were thought through and no corners were cut to produce a beautiful product of the highest quality. The closer you look to the art of that time, the more you see.” – Juliet

Juliet's favourite design

Every ring we craft tells a story. Each of our incredibly talented design consultants are tasked with weaving this story into a fully-realised design, subtly imparting their flair and skill along the way. While each ring is designed with the utmost care and thought, our design consultants do have their favorites…

“I love the elements of nature in this engagement ring. The radiant cut padparadscha sapphire is offset with custom cut emeralds, shaped as leaves. The rose gold complements the colors of the gemstones. Our customer knew that his partner was a nature lover, so it was important to capture that detail in a bespoke engagement ring. I find fulfillment in knowing that an engagement ring can be enjoyed for their lifetime and maintain sentimentality. In some engagement rings, this can be achieved with a subtle tweak to a design, in others it is a ring that is strikingly unique.” – Juliet

radiant padparadscha sapphire engagement ring matching diamond pave wedding band marquise emeralds

An expert in gemology, Juliet’s knowledge ensures that each engagement ring she designs is created with technical expertise, thought and imagination. Juliet will work tirelessly to create a perfect engagement ring, with her passion for jewelry always shining through.

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