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Greenland Rubies

Sustainably sourced rubies that symbolize your love for each other and for the earth.

Sourcing Gemstones

Originating in the Appaluttoq mine, Greenland Ruby sourced their gemstones from a rare corundum deposit in Greenland, discovered in 2008. Appaluttoq is named after the Greenlandic word for ‘red’ due to the incredible amount of vibrantly colored ruby found in the Tasiussarssuaq fjord. From pigeon blood red to a dusky light pink, the mine is known for its breathtaking range of color.

Our signature stone

From 2021, we’ve partnered with Greenland Ruby to source the Signature Rubies that are embedded on the inside band of each engagement and wedding ring we make. We use rubies as our signature stone to represent the personal and passionate love shared by you and your partner. Given their deeply meaningful role in our rings’ design, it’s a top priority that our rubies are ethically sourced. With a newfound supply of rubies and other gemstones, Greenland looks to be one of the best places to procure ethically and sustainably sourced rubies in the world.

Utopia platinum emerald ring

Ethically sourced

The Greenland Ruby mine is located in a drained waterway, tucked away within the icy mountainous landscape of an arctic fjord. Greenlandic rubies are mined with ultra-modern equipment that inflict minimal impact on the environment. Plus, when the mine reaches the end of its lifecycle, the area will be fully restored to its natural wilderness.

As well as offering a sustainable method of mining, Greenland Ruby is also committed to supporting workers and the Greenlandic economy. The newly founded mining industry provides a much needed alternative to the nation’s fishing industry, which is currently Greenland’s main export. The majority-Greenlandic workforce also have guaranteed protections and working conditions according to Greenland’s strict legal standard.

Mine-to-Market Traceable

Greenland Ruby offers fully traceable gemstones, with certificates of origin for each batch of ruby melee they produce. This mine-to-market tracing program begins when rubies are given an ID number as they are sourced from the mine. Then throughout the cutting and polishing process, the number stays with the gem to produce a fully transparent provenance report.

Greenland Ruby is the first colored gemstone member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, an organisation which ensures the best practices and responsible behaviour across the jewelry industry. Greenland Ruby also has their own foundation, called the PinkPolarBear Foundation, dedicated to making a difference to the lives of the Greenlandic people. As well as allocating funds towards education, the foundation focuses on international polar research into the effects of climate change on the region.

Photography: Robert Weldon

Greenland ruby

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