Resizing Policy

Can I have my ring resized?

For our UK and EU customers, we offer one free ring resize with every purchase. If you do require a resize, we ask that you send or bring your ring back to us within 90 days of receiving your ring. 

We kindly ask that you cover the cost of shipping back to us and we’ll ship it back to you free of charge.

Please note that if the ring size change is over two sizes bigger or smaller, there may be a fee that needs to be paid for the service, as the ring may have to be re-made.

Some designs are not able to be resized, for example, full eternity rings or twisted bands. In this case, product pages will specify certain collection pieces if they are unable to be resized. For bespoke designs, your design consultant will notify you if your design is unable to be resized.

How is a ring resized?

To resize your ring, we make a small incision in the band and reduce or tighten it as required. Once that’s completed, the gap is soldered and polished to seamlessly hide any evidence of alterations.

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