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Every element of your wedding is personalised to you–make sure it’s the same for your wedding rings.

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Get inspired by our bridal sets to get an idea of which wedding band would match your engagement ring design.

Wedding rings are a universally acknowledged symbol of commitment and union between two people, and a beautiful and sentimental way to express your love. They’re also sometimes referred to as an eternity ring or eternity band. When considering your wedding ring design, there are a few design elements to consider, from metal type and design style to band width and texture. You may even want to consider whether to choose a diamond band. Each can have a subtle or striking effect on the overall appearance of your wedding ring—the choice is yours.

Wedding Band Metals

Wedding Band Design Styles

Wedding band widths

Wedding Band Profiles

The profile refers to the shape you would see if the band of the ring were cut at a cross-section. There are a variety of wedding band profiles available shown below.

Wedding Band Textures & Finishes

We’re used to seeing wedding rings with traditional polished metal, however, there are a whole host of metal finishes you can add to your design with each finish achieving a totally unique look.


Matte finished rings are smooth to the touch like polished rings, but you wouldn’t be able to see your reflection when gazing at the surface. Rather, these rings have delicate brush marks, creating a textured surface like a fogged mirror–the perfect option for those who like the smoothness of a polished finish, but don’t want the shine.


A noticeably coarse finish but entirely comfortable to wear. A sandblasted finish is grainy to touch and perfect for anyone seeking a textured, unpolished finish.


Popular with those who prefer a shiny polish, a hammered finish provides a dimpled look as if a hammer was used to pound each dimple on the ring’s surface.


Brushed rings are not shiny. They feature deep wire brush like marks that resemble fine hairs and is a popular choice for those that don’t want a polished finish.

Metal Finishes

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