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Asscher Diamond Engagement Rings

Asscher diamonds exhibit unique flashes of light, with step cut facets that draw your eye into the centre of the stone.

The basics

The Asscher diamond has 72 facets, which are known as step cut facets. These facets are unlike those seen in round or oval diamonds, for example. Instead, they are linear, large and wide-set—three rows on top and three on the bottom. The elegant step cut draws your eye into the centre of the stone, both captivating and mesmerising anyone who catches its gaze with its flashes with an optical illusion known as the “Hall of Mirrors”.

The Asscher is often labeled as a cut-cornered square step cut, a square emerald cut or an octagonal cut by the GIA when grading diamonds of this shape. Typically seen in vintage jewellery design, Asscher diamonds sit beautifully in both antique settings and contemporary designs for juxtaposition.

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