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East West Engagement Rings Buying Guide

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Searching for an engagement ring that’s a little outside the ordinary and challenges the status quo? We thought so. And why wouldn’t you?!

Equal parts sophisticated and unconventional, East-West engagement rings are the perfect choice for those who are after something traditional with an unexpected spin. Let us break down the East-West ring craze…

What is an East-West engagement ring?


The East-West engagement ring style adopts a classic silhouette, which is offset with a horizontally placed elongated stone across the band. Flipped on the side so it sits perpendicular to the finger, the stone gives the illusion of appearing larger, promising an impactful finish with added wow factor.

This ninety degree rotation also creates a modern personality to your ring that doesn’t stray too far from the conventional.


The history of the East-West ring


Infused with unparalleled charm, the East-West engagement ring is influenced by the geometric forms of the Art Deco movement and became a unique alternative to the detailed and intricate designs of the Edwardian period.

The East-West ring also became a powerful antithesis to the flowery iterations, which were designed by the French luxury jewellers at the turn of the century.

What are East West engagement rings usually crafted with?

East-West engagement rings are crafted with an array of classic elongated stone shapes, from ovals and pears to marquise and emerald cuts.

When placed in an East-West orientation, an emerald cut exudes a linear look and highlights the step-cut facet structure’s long, clean lines. An oval, on the other hand, offers a softer feel thanks to its curved edges and brilliant sparkling facet structure, whilst a rotated marquise cut provides an elegant take on an antiquated design. A pear cut can be considered the most striking of them all on account of its asymmetry and the pointed end of the pear, which can be played around with and placed in either direction.

For something bold, pick a long emerald and go solo to accentuate its long, clean lines. The style makes a breathtaking impression and is the perfect choice for those who are after something a little more statement-making. Radiant and elongated cushion cuts are also typically found on East-West engagement rings and work wonders with both narrow and chunkier bands. On the other end of the style spectrum, pavé settings add additional brilliance and scintillation, and are a showstopping option for soon-to-be-married couples.

This contemporary style can be set with a whole range of gemstone types–from lab grown and natural diamonds taking centre stage to glistening emerald and luscious sapphires. An array of gemstones can be selected depending on your preference and how they symbolise the love that you share for each other. As long as the stone is elongated, it will work in an East-West setting simply by tilting its position ninety degrees. Metals such as 18ct yellow, rose and white golds form the perfect base for East-West settings as well as platinum bands if you’re after an icy cool, contemporary finish.

Who’s wearing East-West engagement rings?

East-West engagement rings are currently enjoying a renaissance and have become a leading trend in 2022, with the interest in these understated yet dramatic styles almost doubling globally. A favourite amongst the likes of Catherine Zeta Jones and Portia De Rossi, East-West rings play on the traditional and are non-conforming, subverting the classic design codes.

Picked out by A-list Hollywood actor Michael Douglas, the engagement ring of Catherine Zeta Jones is a spectacular East-West style that’s defined with a 10-carat side-set marquise diamond, which is believed to be inspired by the lips of King Louis XV of France’s lover, Madame de Pompadour. The ring is set in platinum and features a hidden halo of diamonds complete with a sparkling diamond pavé eternity band. A vintage-inspired design, Catherine’s ring seamlessly marries classicism with a slight avant-garde twist.

Organic and fluid, Portia De Rossi’s engagement ring adopts a stunning 3-carat solitaire marquise diamond, which is elevated with a twisted pink diamond pavé band. Also a fan of the East-West ring is actress Kate Beckinsale who wed her husband Len Wiseman with a rotated emerald-cut diamond ring.

The sought-after trend mirrors our changing views on tradition alongside new perspectives of love in the Modern Age. Whether they’re elevated with a brilliant emerald-cut diamond or defined with a rotated marquise-cut diamond, these enchanting wedding bands also represent a need for self-expression, both on a personal level and when it comes to our devotion to our partner.

Why should I consider an East West engagement ring?


The East-West style is a radiant choice for couples who are after something with a refreshing angle. Pared-down or ostentatious, the East-West style can be customised from the gemstone type down to the shape combination. And as a bonus, the rotation of the stone can make the centre diamond or gemstone appear larger.

Time-tested and classic, our solitaire rings can be combined with design elements such as filigree or milgrain engravings for an overall vintage feel.

If you’re partial to warmer tones, we’d suggest the warm finish of yellow gold or blushy rose gold, which complement essentially any and all gemstones and coloured diamonds.

Platinum bands are also highly resistant; transforming your engagement ring into an heirloom and a piece that will last a lifetime with a cool, icy aesthetic.

Featuring all the classic design details yet with a distinctive and exceptional edge, East-West engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they imbued with a timeless feel, East-West rings also encapsulate the beauty of gemstones and positions them centre stage in a refreshing light.

As our approach to dating and relationships shifts in the modern world, so do our views on traditions, rules and marriage. Whether you’re looking for a ring that goes against the style grain or searching for something that symbolises your devotion, you’ll find an East-West engagement ring is the perfect choice for reflecting the love that binds you and your partner together.

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