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Introducing the 2021 Cherry Blossom Collection

Each spring when cherry trees blossom in Japan, something magical happens to the landscape. The soft tiny petals of the cherry blossom, or sakura, explode in the air in a burst of pink and white. But the blossoms only last a few days and the exact timing of their arrival is always up to chance. 

Which is why the sakura’s fleeting appearance is so special: it reminds us of the preciousness of time, and of life itself.

The beauty of this event has been celebrated for centuries, capturing human hearts no matter where you’re from or what time period you’re living through. When our design team stopped to consider this eternal fascination with cherry blossoms, we knew we had an idea for our next masterpiece collection.

Introducing the 2021 Cherry Blossom Collection.

The history of hanami

So what’s the background behind this ethereal event? Cherry blossoms have a long cultural history in Japan.

The traditional custom of hanami, meaning ‘flower-viewing’, during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival brings people together to reflect, admire, and celebrate.

Hanami dates back to the Nari period (710 – 794AD), and having influenced art, poetry, and philosophy for the past several centuries, it now takes the form of people gathering under the blooming sakura to share food and drink and honour the transient beauty of the flowers.

Three inspired designs

Hanami captivates the heart and mind in a distinct way. Only days after the hana, meaning ‘flower’, has bloomed the wind whisks its pink petals away. We’re left with only the memory of this instantaneous phenomenon, and the knowledge of how lucky we were to witness it.

Our cherry blossom rings are inspired by the soft yet structural petals of the sakura, with a detailed attention to the intricacies of boughs of blossoms glowing in the warm springtime air.

Watching these soft flowering branches, and knowing they’ll only last a few days, makes us cherish our relationships even more—making them a perfect symbol for the one of a kind love shared within a marriage.


Hanami means flower-viewing | 花見

The cultural tradition of hanami is all about accepting the nature of things, embracing the ephemeral in order to more deeply appreciate the things that last, such as love, family, and community. 

During hanami, people gather together to celebrate their bonds, which is what inspired this multi-flowered engagement ring. The Hanami ring is an ode to the lineage and endurance of your love.


Hana means flower | 花

In Japanese philosophy, it’s the unpredictable and fleeting nature of a blossoming flower that associates hana with the beauty of humanity.

To represent the preciousness and endurance of love, and its ability to overcome the passage of time, the Hana ring features a delicate cherry blossom hidden beneath the basket of this classic solitaire ring.


Sakura means cherry blossom | 桜

This design is made for the romantics, who know that love is the most precious thing, composed of small passing moments which grow into a lifetime spent with your partner.

The Sakura ring is a bold ‘Bombay’-style cluster ring. A lattice of white, fancy intense pink, and fancy pink diamonds encircles a centre round brilliant white diamond set with contemporary asymmetrical claws.

how to find cherry blossoms

Hoping to get out and enjoy the cherry blossoms in your
neighbourhood this springtime?

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and check up
on the budding blossoms every day.

There’s no way of knowing exactly when they’ll
bloom, so be ready with a packed picnic basket
as soon as they emerge!

The Cherry Blossom Collection is our way of capturing the natural wonder of hanami and the cherry blossom festival through meaningful design.

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