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Hidden Halo Engagement Ring Guide


Timeless, radiant, and extravagant, the hidden halo engagement ring is a contemporary rendition with unmatched beauty. A sparkling style to love and to cherish, the hidden halo engagement ring is a modern take on the conventional halo design and is currently enjoying a renaissance, having re-entered the spotlight in 2022.

“Hidden halos are the perfect way to feature a little design embellishment, only you’ll know about” states our Design Director, Kate. “When looking at your finger from above, you won’t see it, but from the side, a little collar of diamonds will feature around your basket.”

Dating back to the 18th century, the halo engagement ring became a consistent symbol of lifelong commitment throughout the Victorian period and the 1920s. The halo engagement rings experienced a surge in popularity during the Art Deco era on account of the art movement’s vibrant and geometric aesthetic which brought added colour and character to this classic engagement ring style.

What is a hidden halo ring?

A forever symbol of romance and devotion, the hidden halo engagement ring is defined by accent stones that sit beneath a centre stone and is set to remain a popular choice for betrothed couples thanks to its versatility, opulence, and unique appeal.

Halo vs. Hidden Halo

When it comes to halo designs, two of the most popular iterations are the traditional halo and the hidden halo. While both styles incorporate a halo of smaller stones around a centre stone, there are distinct differences between them that ultimately impact the overall aesthetic of your engagement ring design.

The traditional halo style is characterised with a row of small, delicate diamonds that encircle a centre stone, creating a halo effect when viewing the ring from the top down.

Taking it one step further, the hidden halo engagement ring plays on the design features of its traditional predecessor by featuring a halo of smaller gemstones beneath the centre stone positioned at an angle.

The hidden halo isn’t visible when viewed in the same manner and gives the illusion that the centre stone is floating or is surrounded by a halo of light. This modernised take features hidden accent stones that rest beneath the centre stone, creating a halo effect that is only visible from the side.

Let’s explore the contrasting features of halo and hidden halo designs:

Visibility and perspective:

  • Traditional halo: In a traditional halo design, the smaller stones encircle the centre stone, creating a visible halo effect when viewed from the top. The halo is prominent and easily noticeable, adding to the overall sparkle and brilliance of the piece.
  • Hidden halo: A hidden halo design is characterised by a more discreet position. When viewed from the top, the additional halo of smaller stones is not immediately apparent, giving the illusion that the centre stone is floating or is surrounded by a halo of light. The hidden halo effect is typically visible only when the jewellery is viewed from the side–perfect for catching a glimpse of your stone’s scintillation while you’re wearing your ring doing everyday tasks.


  • Traditional halo: In a traditional halo design, the smaller stones are positioned to sit flush around the centre stone, typically mimicking the silhouette of the centre stone shape itself in a frame-like fashion. The halo stones are typically set in prongs or shared prongs, ensuring maximum visibility and sparkle.
  • Hidden halo: In a hidden halo design, the accent stones are strategically placed beneath the centre stone, often at an angle. This arrangement contributes to the illusion of a floating centre stone. The hidden accent stones provide additional sparkle and create a halo effect that is concealed from certain perspectives.

Personal style:

  • Traditional halo: The traditional halo design is known for its eye-catching and striking appearance. The halo stones surrounding the centre stone add a feeling of depth and brilliance to the overall piece, creating a captivating and impressive look.
  • Hidden halo: The hidden halo design offers a more subtle and intriguing visual. While it may appear understated from certain angles, the hidden accent stones contribute to the overall brilliance and enhance the centre stone’s beauty. The hidden halo design often appeals to those seeking an understated and modern twist on the classic halo style.

Ultimately, the choice between a hidden halo or a traditional halo depends on your personal style and preferences. Whether you gravitate towards the timeless beauty of a traditional halo or the modern allure of a hidden halo, both options guarantee a stunning and eye-catching engagement ring that will symbolize your love and commitment for a lifetime.

How much extra does a hidden halo cost?

Melding tradition with innovation, the hidden halo engagement ring does come in at a higher price point than the classic halo wedding band. You can expect to pay around an additional £250 to £500 for this captivating style, with the cost depending on the number of stones and precious metals used. Whilst the hidden halo is a little pricier than its original counterpart, the hidden halo design feature serves to emphasise the appearance and size of your centre diamond, allowing the ring to sit higher on the band, thus giving the illusion of a larger centre stone, while also offering visual interest from every angle.

What are the pros of a hidden halo engagement ring design?

The hidden halo setting offers a myriad of design options and is the perfect way to add a little extra sparkle to your ring. Whether you opt for the sparkle of natural or lab grown diamonds (the most popular choice) or the vibrant lustre of coloured gemstones to create a contrast, you’ll find the choice of stones can dramatically alter the effect and appearance of the halo.

An unexpected twist on a classic design, the hidden halo engagement ring is an impactful choice for soon-to-be-married couples who are looking for something that steers away from the traditional.

Does a hidden halo add sparkle?

From oval to round cuts, the centre stone on the hidden halo ring protrudes into the spotlight thanks to its distinctive design whilst the accent halo stones add additional sparkle when the ring is viewed at every angle.

What are the cons of a hidden halo engagement ring?

It’s important to note that the hidden halo engagement ring can be slightly tricky to clean on account of its intricate details. Lotions and general fibres can build up on the ring as these intricate details are harder to reach; whether opting for a professional clean or at-home cleaning with a toothbrush. Despite its unwavering beauty, the hidden halo ring is also prone to being knocked and scratched by the wearer as the stone sits higher on the band.

However, if the ring is well cared for and isn’t worn during sports or activities such as gardening, the hidden halo engagement ring can last a lifetime and beyond. The level of our meticulous craftsmanship also promises longevity and durability, as each ring is the result of artisanal methods, handcrafting skills, and cutting-edge technology.

Ultimately, the choice between a hidden halo or a traditional halo depends on your personal style and preferences. Whether you gravitate towards the timeless beauty of a traditional halo or the modern allure of a hidden halo, both options guarantee a stunning and eye-catching engagement ring that will symbolize your love and commitment for a lifetime.

Tips for choosing a hidden halo design

When it comes to selecting a hidden halo engagement ring, it’s worth considering the following factors to ensure your design is truly perfect for you.

Centre stone:

  • Consider the stone type itself–are you looking for a diamond or a coloured gemstone? Once you’ve decided, you’ll need to consider the shape of your centre stone. Are you looking for geometric or soft edges? Do you want the sparkle and scintillation that brilliant cut stones offer or the more dramatic flashes of light featured in step cut stones?


  • Explore the metals that complement your style and skin tone–we craft our rings in 18ct white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum.
  • Consider the durability and maintenance requirements of each metal to make an informed choice that’ll work for your lifestyle long-term.

Setting Styles:

  • Pavé: This style features a band that is enveloped in small, dainty diamonds closely set together along the metal. Each of these stones is separated and held in place by individual microscopic metal settings, giving the appearance of the shoulders being dusted with diamonds.
  • Bezel: In this style, the centre stone is held in place by a thicker metal rim, resulting in a contemporary aesthetic. This setting style would result in the hidden halo looking a little more sculptural and chunkier than the typical halo setting.

Proportions and Balance:

  • Pay attention to the overall proportions of the hidden halo design. Ensure the size and shape of the centre stone and the surrounding halo are well-balanced to avoid the elements looking mismatched or out of proportion to one another.
  • Consider the size and number of accent stones in relation to the centre stone as when viewed from different angles, they can enhance, but also take away, from the overall appearance of the design.

Comfort and Wearability:

Try on different hidden halo designs to see if they sit comfortably on your finger. Consider factors such as how high the centre stone is set and the smoothness of the metal edges to ensure a comfortable fit for everyday wear.

Which celebrities wear a hidden halo engagement ring?

It comes as no surprise that celebrities can spark some of the most popular engagement ring trends (think Lady Diana’s famous sapphire engagement ring or the Toi et Moi ring Napoleon gifted Empress Josephine’s back in 1796). Spotted on the fingers of Hailey Bieber and Kim Kardashian, the hidden halo engagement ring has become a classic mainstay amongst the A-list in recent years.

Hailey Bieber sports a yellow gold solitaire ring with a hidden halo of small pavé diamonds on the basket whilst Catherine Zeta Jones is the owner of an east-west set marquise diamond ring with a leaning hidden halo beneath the stone. Another wearer of the hidden halo ring is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who has a classic ring with an Old European cut round diamond centre and a tapered pave band with a hidden halo of smaller diamonds.

The hidden halo engagement ring is a stellar choice for those after something a little out of the ordinary. Whilst retaining its original features, the hidden halo engagement ring offers a modernised perspective on a timeless style alongside a multitude of design options, which are sure to accurately capture the joyous love and lifetime commitment you share with one another.

Whether you prefer the classic brilliance of a traditional halo, the bold elegance of double halo or the subtle allure of a hidden halo engagement ring, our exquisite selection ensures that you’ll find the perfect ring to symbolise your everlasting love.

Celebrated your love with a breathtaking custom engagement ring, meticulously crafted with exquisite details to reflect your unique bond, truly a bespoke symbol of your forever commitment.

Nutmeg – Oval hidden halo engagement ring

The Nutmeg is a ring designed for the romantics at heart. The east-west setting of the horizontal diamond on this 18ct rose gold engagement ring represents humble love and a spirit of equality and caring between two partners. The centre oval cut diamond is held in six delicate eagle claws, making this a uniquely contemporary women’s engagement ring. The handmade 18ct rose gold band is adorned with a slightly tapered fishtail diamond pavé and a comfortable round band profile. The design is finished by an oversized hidden halo, with round diamonds encircling the basket. Given its high-impact design, the Nutmeg pairs best with a ring from our curved wedding band collection—or a one of a kind bespoke design to match.

east-west hidden halo engagement ring

Thyme – Emerald Cut Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Since the Middle Ages, thyme has been seen as a symbol of affection. Including a sprig of thyme in a bouquet denotes a promise of lifelong devotion, so we named this ring Thyme to make it an emblem of a love that lasts. Set in platinum, the Thyme ring features an ultra thin band measuring 1.6mm wide and adorned with shimmering fishtail diamond pavé. This dainty platinum engagement ring has a centre emerald cut diamond held in contemporary eagle claws. In order to best showcase the scintillating emerald cut diamond, this solitaire engagement ring includes a hidden halo wrapping around the basket, bringing an unexpected sparkle when the ring is viewed in profile.

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