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Unveiling Barbara Palvin’s Versatile Engagement and Wedding Rings Set: Making Her Own Rules


Supermodel and actress Barbara Palvin recently embarked on a journey of a lifetime with her now-husband, Dylan Sprouse, and it’s safe to say the couple have evolved from Sprouses to spouses. Let’s dive into the fascinating details of Barbara’s engagement and wedding rings that reflect her unique fashion-forward style.

International supermodel, Barbara Palvin, has graced the covers of prestigious fashion magazines and captivated audiences on the runway for the past decade or so. While she was making a name for herself in the model-sphere, she met actor, Dylan Sprouse and the rest is history. While the couple keep details of their relationship away from the public eye, it’s said they’ve been together since 2018 and have resided in both Brooklyn and LA ever since.

It was June 2023 when they announced that they’d been engaged since September 2022. In days gone by, the couple have revealed in an exclusive with Vogue weddings that they wed in Palvin’s home country, surrounded by the wondrous scenery of the Hungarian countryside.

But what about the rings? Let’s take a look. Like many of those who mix in similar high profile circles, Palvin’s engagement ring looks to be a yellow or rose gold solitaire ring set with a 3-4 carat oval diamond–a very similar design to our Demure. From the photos, we can’t be 100% sure of which metal it is, but it goes to show how subtle the colour difference between the two is when photographed on the hand in natural light.

This style is having a major moment amongst brides-to-be across the world, with other stars such as Hailey Bieber, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens all donning a similar oval diamond solitaire engagement ring design.

Assuming the oval diamond is of high quality characteristics, we’d estimate Barbara’s ring to have cost anywhere in the region of around £100,000.

And how do you pair a wedding ring with an oval engagement ring like Palvin’s?

Well, it looks as if in true fashion-icon style, it looks as if Barbara has opted for two wedding rings as she wears two different styles throughout the day. The first looks like a diamond pavé chevron band, also sometimes known as a wishbone band. As its name suggests, this is a design style where the two strands of the ring’s metal meet at a point, creating an inverted V shape. This wedding ring style is popular because instead of sitting flush next to the engagement ring like many other classic wedding rings, it frames the engagement ring in a visually dynamic way that sits low to the finger. A chevron band adds a modern twist to a wedding set and this fashion-forward statement reflects Barbara’s roots in the industry.

The second design embodies tradition–it’s a classic yellow or rose gold polished 2mm wide wedding band. It looks as if Barbara is making her own rules by mixing and matching how she wears her two wedding rings that merge the contemporary with the timeless.

In most of the photos from the day, Barbara appears to be wearing her engagement ring and the chevron band on the fourth finger of her left hand and the polished band on the fourth finger of her right hand. This could also be a way to pay homage to her Hungarian heritage and its traditions. Typical of Orthodox countries across Easter Europe like Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, and Ukraine, some Western European countries, including Austria, Germany, Hungary, and the Netherlands, wear their wedding rings on the fourth finger of the right hand. A wedding ring on each hand is the perfect way to symbolically combine the traditions and cultures of this couple.

Who knows if Barbara intends to stack all of her rings on one finger? That would look equally epic. There’s no rule saying how anyone needs to wear their jewellery. Perhaps she’ll mix it up each day depending on how she feels?

That’s one of the benefits from having such a versatile set and I hope it encourages others to explore their own personal flair or cultural traditions.

Kate Earlam-Charnley, Design Director

Wedding rings similar to Barbara Palvin’s simple polished design

And let’s not forget Dylan. It seems he’s opted to match Palvin’s bridal set by choosing a warm yellow or rose gold polished mens band that looks to be around 3-4mm wide.

Barbara Palvin’s engagement and wedding rings stand as radiant symbols of her enduring love story with Dylan Sprouse. From the breathtaking gold solitaire engagement ring to the mix-and-match elegance of her wedding set, Barbara’s choices exemplify the power of personal style in jewellery selection.

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