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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold – soft, blushy choice, flattering on all complexions.

What is rose gold?

In most cases, 24 carat gold is too “soft” to be used for jewellery that will be worn every day. Other metal alloys like silver, palladium, nickel and zinc are often added to 24 carat gold to increase its durability and alter its colour. For rose gold, copper is used to achieve its signature blushy tone. The more copper, the deeper the rose hue.

Fast becoming a modern-day trend, rose gold engagement rings offer a contemporary and soft aesthetic to an otherwise traditional item of jewellery. Its delicate yet striking appearance is responsible for its rising popularity.

Which celebrities wear rose gold engagement rings?

Which celebrities wear rose gold engagement rings?

With the type of exclusivity that comes with rose gold engagement rings, Hollywood celebrities and influential icons alike have targeted the metallic hue en masse. Gossip Girl stars, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester both own rose gold engagement rings as does recently-married Princess Eugenie.

The trend makes for a pretty, yet modern metal choice, increasingly in demand. Other stars like Julianne Hough, Alison Brie and Lauren Conrad can also be seen embracing this popular metal trend.

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