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“Our own fairytale story is working out pretty well”

David, a chef from Glasgow, speaks about his love story with Jasmine, a trainee nurse from Devon. In the beginning, their love spanned virtually the length of the UK, having met just hours before David would move across the country. But fate brought them together in the nick of time. Jasmine’s ring is one of our most original designs to date, so read about this botanical beauty and the relationship that inspired it below:

How did you and Jasmine meet?

We met at a pub in Devon, where we both used to live. It just so happens that we met on the night of my farewell drinks as I was moving back up to Scotland. As the night went on, we ended up sitting together, chatting away and we hit it off big time.

Because I was moving away, we organised to meet up halfway in Liverpool. So for the first year we were together, we were always on the phone and we were travelling back and forth to see each other.

The following year was really hard for both of us. Jasmine then moved up to Scotland and she was my rock. I think we’ve helped each other through so many things.

What is it about Jasmine that makes you smile?

Her quirkiness and craziness makes me smile. It’s just so surreal. She’s pure comedy. I could have the worst day of my life and she could do something so innocent and we will both end up in fits of laughter.

david and jasmine2

How did you go about choosing an engagement ring?

Whenever Jasmine and I would pass a jewellery shop, she would always take a look at the wee sparkly things, dropping hints about what she liked. But every time we’d go in, her design ideas would change which made me nervous.

But Jasmine had mentioned that she liked ring designs that featured an entwined, leaf inspired band. I went through a few stages of designs when I first worked with Taylor & Hart. Based on the first designs, I asked my design consultant if we could incorporate an autumnal leaf-feel and she came back with a stunning design and I thought ‘this is it’.

ring design stage 1
david jasmine engagement ring2
david jasmine engagement ring

How did you propose?

It was completely different to how I’d normally expect a proposal to go.

I had hidden the ring at home in my grandfather’s cufflink box just in case she went snooping around. I put the box into one of the inside pockets of my jacket in the wardrobe.

I got home from work one day and I just got a massive wave of excitement and asked Jasmine to get me a paracetamol from the bedroom for a headache I had.

She was looking around the bedroom and I called to her “they’re inside my jacket pocket in the wardrobe.”

I followed her into the bedroom and she actually picked out the ring box from the jacket and placed it on the side and kept looking for the paracetamol. I couldn’t believe it, she didn’t have a clue that the ring was just sitting there! So I picked it up, knelt down behind her and said “have you found it yet?”

She turned around and there I was with the ring. It was so funny. In fact, the first word that came out of her mouth as the F word!

And she said “What? Now? I’m in my gym clothes!” It took her a few seconds to actually register what was happening, but she was delighted and said “wow” when she put the ring on.

People asked why I didn’t propose while we were on holiday, or out at dinner. Knowing Jasmine, she’s not really a grand gesture person. She’s a very private, low-key person and in hindsight, it couldn’t have worked out better because we have a great, funny story to tell.

taylor and hart customers

What are the dreams you share together for the future?

Jasmine is training to be a nurse and she’ll qualify in 2019. At the moment, she’s in wedding mode. We’ve been visiting barn wedding venues, where she wants to have leaves, flowers, candles. Jas has got her ideas of a completely different ceremony altogether – having food first and getting married at night time just as the sun sets – like a fairytale.

Our own fairytale story is working out pretty well.

A huge congratulations to David & Jasmine, who are proof that when the feeling is right, you just know. We wish them all the best for the future and look forward to them returning to us for their wedding rings!

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