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Amal Clooney’s Classic Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Amal & George Clooney’s marriage is a match made in heaven. The stylish human rights lawyer and the handsome movie star met while on vacation in Lake Como. She dropped by his home with a mutual friend and swept Clooney off his feet! Nothing short of a fairytale, six months later the pair were engaged in 2014. Their wedding took place in Italy where their classical romance began. In a beautiful, star-studded event, the two became husband and wife at the Aman Canal Grand Hotel in Venice. They’ve been happily married ever since!

The truth was I met this amazing woman, and she took my breath away. She was brilliant and funny and beautiful and kind. I was sort of swept off my feet.

George Clooney

While the pair have been married for over five years, we take a look back at Amal’s incredible emerald cut engagement ring. Featuring an ethically sourced and flawless 7ct emerald cut diamond, the gemstone is set with two baguette accent stones and sits on a sleek platinum band. We estimate the cost of her engagement ring to be around £640,000. The bulk of this price is attributed to her centre diamond given its size and perfect clarity. The design of the ring is timeless and suits her contemporary, executive style.

Echoing Grace Kelly’s engagement ring from Prince Rainier of Monaco, Amal Clooney’s ring truly befits a top-tier barrister married to Hollywood royalty. A substantial emerald cut diamond of 7 carats is flanked by tapered baguette diamonds in a sleek platinum band, suggesting cool glamour and confidence. The minimal style allows the emerald cut’s elegant, linear shape to be the star, with the baguettes highlighting the centre sparkler. This is no dainty diamond, and Amal sports her jewel with the ease with which she handles her high-profile court cases.

Mark Rochford, Design Consultant

If you love the look of Amal’s engagement ring, but are looking for something more budget friendly, check out our interpretation of the sensational diamond ring, called the “Carrara”. Featuring a 1ct asscher cut diamond set with princess and baguette cut diamonds, costing around £6900.

Rumour has it that Mrs. Clooney has been shopping around for an alternate engagement ring for when her work requires her to tone down the bling, and we have created the perfect, more subdued alternative to her whopper ring! A bespoke creation with a 1ct angled Asscher diamond captures the clean lines of the original design while being more compact in size.

With the squared diamond in a compass orientation, it lends an elongating effect accomplished by the length of her larger diamond. The straight baguette, calibre, and round diamond melee in a swooped setting add distinctive detail to the band, and lend just enough glitter to up the impact of the ultimate ‘work’ ring.

Mark Rochford, Design Consultant

If you love the idea of Amal’s ring but want to see a variation of emerald cut engagement rings and setting styles, check out our collection of step cut engagement rings. As well as the classic emerald cut, we also offer other unique step cuts such as the Asscher, the princess and the radiant cut. Take a look below at our top three collection rings inspired by Amal’s stunning engagement ring.

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