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Behind the Design: Katy & Jason

A wickedly romantic proposal during a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Bali, the sweet sound of a grand piano and a sprinkling of Irish charm are all part of this exceedingly captivating love story. When Katy & Jason took their commitment to the next level with a customised Faith engagement ring, surrounded by the lush greenery of the Balinese flora, it was a moment they’d never forget. Having met whilst Jason was touring the country with Wicked, the couple have been defying gravity ever since.

Katy met Jason whilst he was working on the musical’s tour, and with her own illustrious career in entertainment, their interests aligned and a smash-hit love story began. Katy was taken with his Irish charm, Jason was in awe of her resilience and joie de vivre.

They’ve been growing both individually and as a partnership ever since, grabbing life with both hands, occasionally facing setbacks ‘that would have most people scraping the bottom of a tub of Ben & Jerry’s,’ and finding joy wherever they can.

When the time came to choose an engagement ring, Jason knew he wanted something more bespoke and tailored to reflect how one-of-a-kind and special Katy was to him.

As the design process began, it was important to incorporate something personal to their story as well as something that reflected their beginnings. It was also vital to take into account the fact that Katy uses her hands a lot while playing the piano in her job as a musical supervisor. In her role as head of music for many of the best-selling shows and biggest names on Broadway and the West End, it was crucial that the ring did not interfere with her creative process on a daily basis.

They needed something light and comfortable yet eye-catching and special. The design team at Taylor & Hart suggested the popular Faith trilogy design with a sizeable marquise diamond at the centre. Sustainable and ethically sourced, the gem ticked all the boxes when it came to shape, story and sparkle.


Then in the summer of 2022, the pair took an unforgettable trip to the paradise island of Bali. Surrounded by the most breathtaking vistas and exhilarated by the memories in the making, Jason seized the opportunity to ask that once-in-a-lifetime question.

I wanted a ring that was unique and special, just like Katy. Taylor & Hart helped me choose the Faith trilogy ring as a base and an incredible marquise lab grown diamond.


The couple turned to Taylor & Hart for their wedding rings too and took a truly collaborative approach to the designs. Working closely together to ensure they both matched each other’s band yet showcased their individuality, the couple chose the styles with careful consideration.

Katy opted for the Clover band with hidden diamonds on the side which she sees as ‘her little secret’. Jason paid homage to his love of sci-fi and fantasy with a brushed platinum Seymour design. Its polished beveled edges are befitting of a ‘galaxy far, far away.’

I wasn’t sure if I wanted something plain or more ornate, so I tried loads on and, eventually, picked an unusual ring with diamonds set around the sides. I’ve never seen it on anyone else’s rings before.


The couple opted to replace the Taylor & Hart Signature Ruby with emeralds. This hidden and highly meaningful detail represents not only the Emerald Isle that the groom hails from but also Emerald City and the green hue that’s synonymous with Elphaba and her journey throughout Oz, which has held a place in their hearts since their initial ‘meet cute’. Aspects of each of their personalities can be found on every part of the bridal set.

2.10.2023 is engraved on both their bands to commemorate the date of their magical wedding day where they got to say ‘I do’ in front of their closest friends and family. They walked down the aisle together, celebrating their journey as ‘two equals breaking from traditions to choose to spend the rest of their lives as a team.’

We wish Jason & Katy a life filled with animals, adventure, love and laughter.

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