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Behind The Design: Shyam & Sharanya

Shyam & Sharanya were university sweethearts–going on their first date just a day before Shyam’s birthday. Sharanya surprised him with a beautiful picnic under the stars with cake and candles and it was from that moment onwards that their love blossomed.

Fast forward to the proposal, a pivotal moment in any couple’s journey. Shyam chose the breathtaking Blea Tarn, surrounded by the serene beauty of the Lake District and the stage was set, But as with any plan made in Britain, the weather played its own unpredictable game.

Despite the foreboding forecast, the heavens shone upon them for their special moment, bathing them in glorious golden sunshine as Shyam knelt down at sunset and asked Sharanya to marry him.

The design itself mirrors Sharanya’s affinity for nature and florals. Resembling a delicate flower, the engagement ring is crafted in yellow gold featuring an oval shaped diamond centre with marquise and round shaped rubies, emeralds and diamonds to accent their organic stem-like form. This symphony of gemstones reflects the vibrant journey of their love–from its inception to full bloom.

But the story doesn’t end there. Nestled on the inside of the ring’s band lies an aquamarine signature stone, birthstone for the month of March. Shyam thought it would be special to have this stone hidden within the ring as an opportunity to mark their first date, and the official start of their journey as a couple, which took place in March.

Shyam had a very specific design idea. The main focus was to balance the different colours and asymmetry of the band. We worked closely together to incorporate organic details that made it tell a lovely story. The marquise shape gemstones were set with our original petal setting & the round ones represented the bulb of a flower. All of them flowing towards the blossom basket of the centre diamond.

Florencia, Design Consultant

Small customisations like these demonstrate how far-reaching and symbolic a ring can be. It’s so much more than a ring–it’s a narrative etched in gemstones and metal.

Feeling inspired? If you’re looking to capture your love story in a bespoke design, think about how to include moments, big or small, that are significant to your relationship in the design.

Proposal photography by Eriin Browne Photography

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