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Designing With Purpose: Taylor & Hart’s Sustainability Report


How we're designing the future with purpose

Today, running an environmentally and socially sustainable business shouldn’t come as something new. It’s just common sense. If we’re going to enjoy our earth and our communities for generations to come, we need to take action today. At Taylor & Hart we’ve always taken pride in our ethical approach to love and jewellery through designing every piece we craft with purpose. But we can always be doing more. 

For the first time, we’re publishing a Sustainability Report laying out our goals for the next three years. Making this information available to everyone will not only hold us accountable as we undertake this vital work, it’ll give you a window into how jewellery has the power to nurture a more just world. We believe we can make a difference. Let’s do it hand in hand.

Designing with purpose is how we work towards a better future, together. It’s understanding that our ability to design isn’t just about creating meaningful rings that honour real love stories. It’s about designing a supply chain that takes less from the earth’s precious resources. It’s fostering creative thinking in every aspect of our business, starting with green office solutions. It’s the purpose we find when we help each other to become the best neighbours we can be.

Our goals are ambitious

Some highlights of what we hope to achieve over the next three years include:

  • Using exclusively Fairmined gold in order to provide metals that have been certified against human rights, labour rights, and environmental standards
  • Introduce lab-grown diamonds produced using mostly if not only renewable energy
  • Source our Signature Rubies from a sustainable mine that will be reverted back to its natural state at the end of its lifecycle and provides gems that are trackable from mine-to-market
  • Ensure that every gemstone we source will have transparent origin and chain of custody information
  • Develop a branded auditing process for all our external suppliers to identify and filter our risks in our supply chain.

Plus many other leading initiatives laid out within our report.

Creating a legacy: 2023 and beyond

Many of our sustainability initiatives depend on the people and businesses we work with throughout the jewellery industry, and we hope that working together will create change. Through it all, we remain devoted to systemic change, flexible problem solving, and a collaborative approach to progress.

But just as in fine jewellery, high quality results come from an effective process. As we lay the groundwork for this new era, we recognise that ambitious goals are bound to come up against challenges. 

We know that our progress won’t always be linear, the horizon may shift, but we’re ready to do what it takes.

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