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Emily Ratajkowski’s Moi et Toi Diamond Engagement Ring

Emily Ratajkowski’s Moi et Toi Diamond Engagement Ring

When Emily Ratajkowski became engaged to Sebastian Bear-Mcclard in 2018, her engagement ring made huge waves throughout the jewellery industry. A contemporary take on the classic “Moi et Toi” design, the ring features a perfect marriage of a square and pear shaped diamond. Emily collaborated with an American jewellery designer to create the piece, proving that alongside being a talented model, she has a discerning artistic eye for design.


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Sebastian Bear-Mcclard originally proposed to Emily with a ring fashioned out of a restaurant bill secured with a paperclip after a romantic meal out in New York City. The two had been dating for only a few weeks, suggesting that this partnership was love at first sight! Featuring a 2ct princess cut diamond placed alongside a tilted 3ct pear shaped diamond, the two stones are set upon a 18ct yellow gold band. Emily’s engagement ring design is incredibly innovative, a cluster of flawless diamonds that suits her personality perfectly.

We estimate that Emily’s ring cost about £90,000.

Our design team decided to create their own version of Emily’s ring, a Moi et Toi princess cut and pear cut design but reinforced with a double band design. This artful engagement ring costs about £86,000.

This ring was inspired by Emily’s 2019 Met Gala Dundas dress which was based on an Egyptian wing pattern that wrapped around her body. Egyptian motif details are woven into the baskets of both diamond shapes as a homage to the original “Moi et Toi” theme. The basket motifs are complementary yet contrasting to accentuate the difference between the diamonds. The ring is crafted with platinum eagle claws to draw maximum focus to the stones themselves and then reveal the intricate basket details when viewed from the side. The rest of the ring is crafted in 18ct yellow gold, offset well with the contrasting colours along with the double band. The cross at the bottom of the band is the final ‘kiss’ element that ties the piece together.

Simei Snyman, Jewellery Designer

Alongside our interpretation of her ring, we also created a more refined and delicate alternative version. A dainty cluster ring, this design features a marquise, round brilliant, and trillion cut diamond set together in an artful combination. This delicate ring costs about £1,620.

Inspired by Emily’s cluster engagement ring, this ring includes an additional third cut of diamond, and all of the diamonds are lab-grown. The band is constructed with three ridges to make the design more luxurious and similar to a multi band. The design remains two-toned to keep equal focus on the diamonds and the richness of the yellow gold. By adding three rather than two diamonds in this case, the engagement ring plays on the idea of; me, you, us: moi, toi, nous.

Simei Snyman, Jewellery Designer

Engagement rings inspired by Emily Ratajowski’s ring

If you love the shapes and cuts found in Emily’s engagement ring, check out our favourite custom Moi et Toi engagement rings that we’ve created in the past.

An emerald and diamond round Moi et Toi engagement ring

Featuring a 2.5ct round emerald, and a 2ct round brilliant diamond, this yellow gold Moi et Toi engagement ring features a beautiful balance of rich colour and bright sparkle. This engagement ring costs about £13,000.

Round emerald and diamond Moi et Toi engagement ring

A round brilliant Moi et Toi engagement ring

A classic round brilliant Moi et Toi engagement ring, this ring features two 0.80ct round brilliant diamonds delicately set stacked on each other. A delicate yellow gold band holds the diamonds in place, with an elegant six prong setting. This engagement ring costs about £6,425.

Round diamond Moi et Toi engagement ring

A princess and round diamond Moi et Toi engagement ring

Featuring a 1.20ct princess cut diamond and a 1ct round brilliant diamond, this platinum engagement ring intertwines to perfectly showcase the opposing gemstone shapes. This engagement ring costs about £7,750.

Princess cut and round brilliant diamond Moi et Toi engagement ring

Designing a bespoke, Emrata inspired ring

If you would like to create an engagement ring inspired by Emily Ratajowski’s ring, we can help you bring that dream to life! We offer a completely bespoke service so get in touch with one of our designers today to start the process.

A personal service from the second you schedule a consultation, to the moment you both say "I do".

£from £1,920 Completed in as
little as 20 days
bespoke module step 1

Create your design.

You’ll begin by chatting with one of our designers to discuss what you’re hoping to express with your design. Your designer will then go away to create some initial ideas so you can pick your favourite.

From there, your designer will give you guidance on ring sizes, optimise your quote to match your price point, and send you a design page so that all your quotes and ideas can live in one place.


Choose your gemstones.

After you’ve decided on a design that best captures your love story, your designer will give you some options for your centre diamond or gemstone within your quote. From these options, you pick the one that speaks to you.


Review your complimentary 3D design.

Within two to four days of confirming the type and size of your centre gemstone, our team will create a 3D CAD render of your design that will later be used to cast your ring. This step gives you an accurate idea of what your ring will look like, and our complimentary design service includes three amendments.


Your engagement ring is complete.

And just like that, the bespoke process is complete! You’ll receive a check-out page to place your order. When your order is placed, we’ll secure your centre gemstone and get started.

It takes four to five weeks for our workshop to craft your ring (some complex designs may take longer) and we’ll keep you updated on how things are going throughout.


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