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Separating Emily Ratajkowski’s Moi et Toi Diamond Engagement Ring

Emily Ratajkowski moi et toi diamond engagement ring

When Emily Ratajkowski became engaged to Sebastian Bear-McClard in 2018, her engagement ring made huge waves throughout the jewellery industry. A contemporary take on the classic Toi et Moi design, the ring features a perfect marriage of a square and pear shaped diamond. Emily collaborated with an American jewellery designer to create the piece, proving that she has a discerning artistic eye for design.


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The original engagement ring story adds an intriguing layer to this narrative. Sebastian Bear-McClard originally proposed to Emily with a ring fashioned out of a restaurant bill secured with a paperclip after a romantic meal out in New York City.

Emily reportedly played a hands-on role in designing the actual ring, contributing around 50 sketches before enlisting the help of her friend and jewellery designer, Alison Chelma, to bring her vision to life.

The result was the distinctive ring we’ve known and loved. Featuring a 2ct princess cut diamond placed alongside a tilted 3ct pear shaped diamond, the two stones are set upon a 18ct yellow gold band. The stunning double diamond design was proudly displayed on many occasions.

We estimate that Emily’s ring cost about £90,000.

Our design team decided to create their own version of Emily’s ring, a Toi et Moi princess cut and pear cut design but reinforced with a double band design. This artful engagement ring costs about £86,000.

This ring was inspired by Emily’s 2019 Met Gala Dundas dress which was based on an Egyptian wing pattern that wrapped around her body. Egyptian motif details are woven into the baskets of both diamond shapes as a homage to the original Toi et Moi theme. The basket motifs are complementary yet contrasting to accentuate the difference between the diamonds. The ring is crafted with platinum eagle claws to draw maximum focus to the stones themselves and then reveal the intricate basket details when viewed from the side. The rest of the ring is crafted in 18ct yellow gold, offset well with the contrasting colours along with the double band. The cross at the bottom of the band is the final ‘kiss’ element that ties the piece together.

Simei Snyman, Jewellery Designer

It is a truth universally acknowledged that even in the land of the wealthy and successful (aka Hollywood), not all relationships have a fairy tale ending. However, when life gives you a whole basket of lemons, why not make organic, vegan, low-sugar, all-natural lemonade? That’s exactly what Emily Ratajkowski did.

The actress and model ingeniously reused the diamonds from her engagement ring.

Following her separation from her husband of four years in 2022. Emily’s engagement ring naturally ceased being a regular part of her jewellery collection (relatable queen), and while some choose to return the ring, sell it or gift it, Emily chose a different path.

This stands to reason as the beauty of some celebrity engagement rings remains undeniable, even if a relationship isn’t as strong as the gemstone that previously celebrated it.
Instead of relinquishing the ring, Emily surprised many by repurposing it into what she calls ‘divorce rings,’ a bold move she proudly showcased on her Instagram page.

In a series of photos and a short video, she revealed her new jewellery, featuring the once-united diamonds now individually set on two gold bands adorning her fourth and fifth fingers.

This close involvement in creating such a meaningful piece of jewellery meant that just because she decided to part ways with the man she was with, she was not quite ready or willing to part ways with the diamonds. And we totally understand.

Ratajkowski’s decision to repurpose her engagement ring is not uncommon among women facing similar circumstances. Some choose to redesign their rings following divorce, while others may update their ring to better suit their evolving style years into marriage.

It was Alison Lou who once again collaborated with Emily to transform the ex-engagement ring into two ‘divorce rings.’ The separation of the stones symbolically reflected the separation of two people in way that can bring its own tangible form of solace and closure.

The redesigned rings proudly showcase the same stones, with each one getting its own time in the spotlight. The pear cut diamond is now mounted on a yellow gold signet ring, while the princess cut diamond is flanked by two trapezoid stones in a trilogy style.

Emily herself has said that these rings now represent her personal growth and empowerment. She emphasised the importance of retaining her diamonds despite the end of her marriage, viewing the rings as tangible evidence of her reclaiming her life and happiness.

As Emily embarks on this new chapter of her life, when looking at the rings she can reflect on the journey of the past few years and find comfort in the sense of peace and autonomy.

Princess cut trilogy

With her recent Instagram posts, Ratajkowski appears to signal her journey of healing and growth, embracing this past and finding empowerment in repurposing her ring. This brave move sets a precedent for divorced women to embrace their past relationships and find new meaning in cherished possessions.

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