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Gender Reveal Jewellery Gifts: Unveiling Joy

Life is filled with all sorts of joys, transformations and new beginnings. And what could bring more joy than the news of a new arrival to the family?

Over the past few years, gender reveals have become a far more common concept allowing families to celebrate the imminent arrival with those nearest and dearest to them.

From cakes to balloon pops and fireworks, gender reveal events are a fun way to reveal the sex of the child–sometimes the parents know and sometimes it’s a total surprise for them and all of their guests.

But if you’re looking for a way to reveal your child’s gender that’s tangible and will last to be treasured for a lifetime, look no further than a gender reveal ring.

The Essence of Gender Reveal Jewellery Gifts

A gender reveal is typically an event or a ceremonial ‘reveal’ that’s held during pregnancy to reveal the baby’s sex to the expectant parents, or their family and friends.

Since events and parties for gender reveals are becoming more and more popular, long gone are the days when you’d find out your baby’s sex in the doctor’s office. Enter the gender reveal ring–much like how you’d hand the gender information over to a bakery or event coordinator who would make decor or prop choices off the back of it, you can pass the information to us and we can craft a ring that represents the gender. 

Push Presents: Honouring the Journey of Motherhood

If an event or party isn’t right for you, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate and mark the reveal of your child’s gender with a ring. The concept of a push present is a gift that is used to mark the arrival of a new child–often something sentimental like a piece of personalised jewellery that will act as a keepsake to be passed down through the generations.

New Mother’s Rings: Symbolising the Bond

A new mother’s ring symbolises the unconditional love that comes with the birth of a child. It’s a piece of jewellery that marks the miracle of new life and the incredible journey of motherhood.

Birthstones as the Emblem of Gender Revealing

Birthstones have been used for centuries to celebrate births and milestones, and they play a significant and symbolic role in gender revealing jewellery gifts. 

Depending on the gender of the baby, parents often choose birthstones that align with traditional colour associations – pink for girls and blue for boys, but as with all things jewellery–you can do whatever works best for you. You can choose warm or cool tones, or explore different colour hues like yellow, red, purple, teal or green. The choice is truly yours.

Engravings and Personalisation: Adding Sentimental Touches

Engravings on the inside of the band are a subtle, but deeply sentimental way to personalise your jewellery gift. You could elevate your gender reveal gift by engraving your baby’s name, initials or birthdate, creating a keepsake that will bond parents and child forever. The personal touch of an engraved inscription transforms a simple piece of jewellery into a tangible keepsake of an incredible milestone.

Gender Revealing Traditions and Historical Roots

Believe it or not, the concept of gender reveal jewellery gifts isn’t as new as you might think. Throughout history, cultures have developed their own ways of predicting or announcing the gender of an unborn child. For example, in ancient Rome, pregnant women wore a special charm around their necks that contained symbols of masculinity or femininity, which were believed to influence the gender of the baby. Similarly, cultures around the world have their own folklore and practices that surround gender predictions.

Modern Trends and Contemporary Interpretations

As traditions evolve, so do the ways in which we celebrate life’s milestones. The trend of gender reveal jewellery has risen in popularity over the past few years, bringing its own set of unique twists and turns. Let’s explore some of the current trends that are shaping the world of gender reveal gifts and jewellery:

Neutral Colour Palettes: Traditionally “gendered” products are breaking away from the pink and blues and are transitioning into more neutral colour palettes. And this isn’t by any means exclusive to jewellery–pastels and earthy tones are becoming more popular amongst all baby items–from clothes and accessories to toys and decor.

Minimalist Design: Less is more these days. Simplicity is key and many are opting for minimalist jewellery designs that hold powerful symbolism.

Unisex Jewellery: Unisex products, including jewellery, that doesn’t adhere to traditional colour norms is gaining traction. This long-awaited movement is reflective of the more contemporary approach to gender representation and the empowering encouragement of self-expression.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices: We know that ethical sourcing should be the first step in creating any piece of jewellery. And you should expect nothing less. Designing with purpose is how we work towards a better future, together. It’s about curating a supply chain that takes less from the earth’s precious resources. Nothing about your gender reveal gift should have to compromise on these values and with Taylor & Hart, it won’t.

Embracing the Emotions

Gender revealing jewellery, push presents, and new mother’s rings are precious pieces that serve as tangible reminders of life’s most transformative moments and milestones. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gender Revealing Gifts

What are gender reveal gifts?
Gender reveal gifts are creative and heartwarming ways to share the gender of a baby with family and friends. These gifts can range from jewellery or clothing to items that are colour-coded or personalised to reflect the baby’s gender.

What types of gender revealing gifts are popular?
Popular gender revealing gifts include personalised jewellery with birthstones or engravings, clothing with gender-specific colours, accessories like keychains or charm bracelets, and even gender-themed baby items like pacifiers or onesies.

How do birthstones play a role in gender revealing gifts?
Birthstones are often featured in jewellery or gifts that pertain to a birth or birthday–and you guessed it, the clue’s in the name. Birthstones can be included in the design to represent a particular month, but birthstones can also be used to simply symbolise colours. You could opt to choose a pink or blue gemstone to signify the arrival of a baby girl or boy, you could choose to include the birthstones of the parents and children to represent the unity of the family, or you could simply choose a birthstone that solely represents the birth month of the child. 

Can I personalise gender revealing gifts?
Of course! We believe even the smallest of customised details can mean the most. From signature gemstones or inscribed engravings, they’re a sure-fire way to add sentiment to your gift.

Are there any traditional symbols used in gender revealing gifts?
While there isn’t a universal symbol, gender revealing gifts often feature traditional gender colours (pink and blue) as well as symbols or motifs like hearts, clouds, teddybears, keys, or even the words “boy” and “girl.”

What are some contemporary trends in gender revealing gifts?
While the concept of a gender reveal event or gift isn’t new, it’s certainly seen an increase in popularity in recent years. Traditional ‘pink and blue’ colour palettes are most frequently seen, but we’re also noting a welcome shift to welcome in more neutral colour palettes and unisex jewellery pieces that defy colour norms.

How can I choose the perfect gender revealing gift?
Always consider the gift receiver’s personal preferences and sense of style. And the best bit–get creative. Thoughtful personalisations like birthstones, engravings and meaningful symbols all result in a gender reveal gift that’s one of a kind.


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