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“It’s been a tough ride, but we got there in the end.”

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Sakshi and Andy spent years together as friends before a whirlwind adventure gave them the alone time needed to fall in love. We chat with them about their love of travel and a pair of bespoke wedding bands that have the world on a string.

How’d you two meet?

S: We met through a mutual friend of ours at university. After years of being friends, Andy was going backpacking in Thailand and sent out a message asking, “does anyone want to join me?” I was going through a rough time at work so I decided to go with him!

We spent two and a half weeks traveling and getting to know each other. We’ve known each other since we were 18, but actually got together in 2011.

When did you know you had found the one?

A: She’s always been the one! Okay, maybe a year and a half after we started dating.

S: I knew around a similar timeframe. I was about to tell my parents that we were together, so I knew it was serious. In my culture, if you tell your parents you have a boyfriend, that means you’re gonna get married. The casual concept of dating is not the norm. We were dating for that year and a bit, and then I was like, right, I’m going to tell my parents. It felt real after that–like ‘this is it’.

Taylor & Hart, Customer Love Stories, Happy Customers

Did your parents approve? Were they excited?

S: Not exactly. When we got together, obviously you’re in a bubble. Everything’s lovely and you’re in a honeymoon period. Then when we both told our parents, they weren’t happy about it. It’s taken us about five years in our relationship to get both sets of parents on board. When we got engaged, it changed. I think they finally accepted that it was happening now. They couldn’t do anything about it—they had prayed enough.

It’s been a tough ride, but we got there in the end.


What are your favourite memories shared together?

A: I would say some of my memories from Thailand are my favourite. That was when I was just getting to know Sakshi and I was curious.

S: Paris. He took me away for my birthday. We were at a really good point in our relationship where our families were on board and it didn’t feel so much of a secret. Paris was really nice, it was a really romantic weekend. We had some money saved for the trip, so that was fun!

Taylor & Hart, Customer Love Stories, Happy Customers

Andy, when did you propose?

A: I proposed about two years ago now. I proposed in Bruges as it was a romantic place that I’ve always wanted to go to. I designed a bespoke engagement ring with another company, but it wasn’t made on time so I had to go to Claire’s Accessories and buy something else to propose with. I had it all planned out in my head to make it really romantic. I decided to propose in a really nice park after we had our dinner, by a water fountain.

For me it was nice that it was intimate, it was just us. It was perfect. It was really sweet and romantic–the way he proposed was really thoughtful.


S: We had dinner and Andrew was like, “let’s go for a stroll.” I said, “it’s 10 o’clock, we’ll get mugged!” We walked for a little bit in the park and then we came across this fountain. Funny enough, we had walked through the park that day and I thought to myself that it would be a perfect spot to get engaged. So we were standing there and Andy gave me a video to watch. He had created a video that compiled all our memories from our travels throughout the years. At the end of the video it said, “Will you marry me?”

Taylor & Hart, Customer Love Stories, Happy Customers
Taylor & Hart, Customer Love Stories, Happy Customers

When did you get married?

S: Yes. We got married on the 5th of May, 2019. We’re actually just back from the honeymoon! We went to Bali and Singapore.

What inspired the world on your wedding rings?

A: We are both keen travellers. Sakshi saw this ring on Pinterest, and I fell in love with the idea immediately. We wanted to symbolise our passion for travelling so I was really keen to have this ring. I did some searching around but Taylor & Hart were the only ones who were very quick in terms of getting back to me, the customer service was amazing. I trusted them to make the ring in a particular way.

world map engraved matching wedding rings yellow gold

I’m really happy. The ring symbolises who we are and our love for the planet.


S: When we were wedding planning, Andy brought up that we needed wedding bands. For our wedding we had a Moroccan/Indian summer theme that also reflected our travels. Travelling is also how we met and got to know each other more and we are both from different countries, so that’s quite nice. At the wedding we had loads of people come from different countries that we had met along our trips. We just wanted something different. We wanted it to be memorable to us.

Taylor & Hart, Customer Love Stories, Happy Customers

What does your partner do that makes you smile?

S: It sounds so cliché but when I met Andy, he wasn’t afraid to challenge me. I’ve never seen such a happy person. He’s always smiling no matter what the situation. He’ll try to always see the silver lining.

A: I love Sakshi’s energy and enthusiasm. She is such a wonderful character to be around she is very encouraging. She always sees the best in people and she is a very trustworthy person as well.

Taylor & Hart, Customer Love Stories, Happy Customers

Anyone who share’s even an ounce of Andy and Sakshi’s wanderlust will be completely in awe of their Moroccan-Indian summer themed wedding. These two have shown us how to infuse your true personality and passions into every part of your wedding celebrations—from the rings to the cake. Best of luck to Sakshi and Andy on the rest of their adventures. The world awaits!

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