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“She always puts other people first, and it makes me smile.”

Liza & Hector

A slow start to love and then a relocation across the globe didn’t stop Liza and Hector from starting a life together.

They met at a Halloween party in Manchester and according to Hector ‘It was not love at first sight’. He’d had a few drinks and admits it wasn’t the picture perfect way to meet, but luckily the two met again Hector’s brother’s birthday party the next year and their relationship took off from there.

Liza said she knew she’d found ‘the one’ after Hector moved around the country, and then to New York, without any hesitation so that they could stay together. ‘Hector was ready to pick up his life and move with me, which showed me that he prioritises me over other things and slowly but surely that demonstrated his commitment’. He admits that after falling in love with her, there was no other option. He says what he loves most about her is her heart. ‘She always puts everyone else in front of her.’

Do you have a favourite memory of a time that you shared together?

Liza: Our honeymoon. For a very long time we wanted to do a proper Safari and one dream of mine was to go to a place called Giraffe Manor in Nairobi. It’s a beautiful lodge that started as a giraffe rescue. The giraffes come and join the people for afternoon tea by putting their heads through the window! One of my favourite memories is being there and just having so much fun.

When Hector had made up his mind to propose, he knew he wanted the ring to be a surprise. Today many couples decide to either shop for their ring together or discuss the design at length. Hector wanted to play it old school and kept his research to a few subtle questions. 

‘I’m a fan of minimalism so I wanted to go for a minimalist ring’, he recounts, ‘so I dropped a few hints to see what she thought but she said minimalism just wasn’t her style’. With something overtly minimalist off the table, he decided that he’d look for something that centred around a single diamond to convert the sentiment that their love is singular and everlasting. 

He worked with a consultant to find a solitaire ring that felt unique and unexpected without looking trendy. They settled on a design with a swirling split halo to diamond pavé that resembles a galaxy or shooting star. ‘I liked that the ring was associated with infinity, and that’s what sold me on the design’.

Turns out his design instincts were spot on as Liza is over the moon with her comet-inspired ring. ‘I love it. I think it’s special because it was a surprise. We had my wedding ring custom designed to fit next to it perfectly, so that it looks really beautiful and coordinated’.

When you find the person you’re going to spend forever with, your head and your heart just know. We adored making this eternity-inspired engagement ring for Liza and Hector. The sentiment is simple yet meaningful. We’re wishing them every happiness as they begin their ‘forever’ together.

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