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Six milestones that deserve a personalised jewellery gift

From the perfectly mundane to the largest of milestones, love stories are full of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments.

At Taylor & Hart, we believe every chapter deserves to be monumentalised with a symbolic piece of jewellery. As your unique story unfolds, think of our designs as shiny bookmarks that narrate the big events in intricate detail. To mark the moment, go the extra mile with a custom gift that has the power to take them right back in time⁠. Here’s how…

1. Officially Yours

One minute you’re cosy in front of the TV enjoying the first glimpse of a life together, the next you’re heading down the aisle for an eternity of sofa dates. Doesn’t it all happen so quickly?

Make sure there’s something to reminisce about in the years to come by marking the official start of your relationship. We suggest gifting them a pair of studs to show them how well you know their style. For the minimalist, you might choose a bezel-cut diamond design that boasts a streamlined appearance, whilst the joyful dresser might enjoy the vibrant clarity of their favourite colour gemstone.

Just remember to use a larger box to avoid an ‘is this a premature proposal?’ moment.

2. Down On One Knee

Create a one-of-a-kind piece for a one-of-a-kind person. From a secret detail to an entirely bespoke design, our customisable engagement rings represent your deeply personal connection. Whether it’s engraving the coordinates of your first date on the inner band, creating a gemstone arrangement in their favourite colours, or using their grandmother’s antique diamond, our best-in-class advisors will help you to create a visual story that actually means something.

3. Welcome Home

Just moved into your first place together? Unlock the door to a new era in your relationship with a gift that feels like home. From the Solanna collection to the Dea range, we suggest a necklace that symbolises the exact message you want to share. To customise your housewarming gift, you could engrave the pendant with your new house number or postcode, or choose a gemstone that matches the front door.

4. New Hire

A shining career deserves a footnote in your life story. If you or they’ve passed with flying colours or landed that promotion that’s been so painstakingly worked for, celebrate success with an illuminating diamond bracelet. Whether you want to capture the joy of a new beginning or remind yourself or a loved one of their strength, our 18ct gold and platinum bracelets represent different messages, so be sure to find the one that fits.

5. ‘Pinch Me’ Moments

They say that diamonds are forever. Well, we think that true love can last a lot longer. Let’s create a symbolic piece for the rare ‘how did we get here?’ moments in life. It could be the never-ending length of a tennis bracelet to represent a golden anniversary, an eternity ring that exhibits the birthstone of a new bundle of joy, or matching marquise diamond necklaces with your best friend of many decades.

6. For No Real Reason

Birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day all have their place in the diary. But where’s the fun in sticking to the rules? Turn a regular calendar day into a big moment with a spontaneous gift, just because you can.

Embrace this break from tradition with something a little different. Our lab-grown diamond collection represents an exciting change in the jewellery industry. Offering the same luminescence as a traditional diamond, we like to think of this ethical alternative as a metaphor for the innovative and forward-thinking love story.

We believe a truly meaningful gift goes beyond the cut and clarity of your diamond. With individuality at the very heart of our bespoke portfolio, it’s time to embrace a shining new generation of family heirlooms.

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