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Top 5 Winter Date Ideas for Staying At Home

With so many of us staying safe at home to protect our communities, date ideas for the winter season are going to be a new and exciting challenge. We’ve put together five romantic date ideas—including options for long distance couples and those from different households—that will break up the work week and stoke the warming flames of love throughout the coming winter months.

Visit a New Park Every Weekend

At this point, you’ve probably gotten to know your neighbourhood park quite well. To cure the parkland-malaise, turn your weekend outings into a long-term adventure with a winter bucket list. Together as a couple, make a list of all your local gardens, trails, and forests, then take a romantic stroll around a new green space each weekend. And forget the virtual dates, because this is a perfect option for those in new relationships looking for a socially-safe date night idea!

Bonus points for packing a thermos of mulled wine or hot chocolate and some baked apple doughnuts, tis’ the season after all. You can also check your community listings to see if there’s a farmer’s market or two still running, where you could pick up some fresh local ingredients for the next idea on our list.

Gourmet Cooking Classes

Cooking together will always be a classic and fun home date night. But with dining out at a romantic restaurant off the menu, getting gourmand in your own kitchen may have lost its magic. Spice up the romance in your culinary practice by taking an online cooking class with a world-class chef!

It’s a great way to perfect a new dish ahead of your next big dinner party, all while building tasty skills with your partner. It’s also a great idea to get an early start on your eatery education so that you can practice a fun and flirty 3-course romantic dinner for your Valentine’s Day date night. Check options on Masterclass, where you’ll find cooking courses that’ll keep you in the kitchen all winter long. Date night with Gordon Ramsay, anyone?

London’s Hidden Walks (or buy a guide book for whatever city you live in)

Before the days of Tripadvisor, holiday-prep always involved packing a guide book of whatever alluring destination you were headed to. Times have changed, but city guide books remain one of the most adventurous ways to discover hidden wonders. And along with providing a fun date idea, these little books can also double as a heartfelt gift for your partner.

As Londoners, we’re biased towards London’s Hidden Walks: each walk is about two hours and makes for a dreamy date, perfect for those missing the thrill of travel. Whatever city or country you’re in, get a guide book and rediscover all the fun things in your own backyard.

Black Tie At Home

Regardless of whether you step out on the town, there’s always something thrilling about getting all glitzed up at night-even if it’s to enjoy a takeaway dinner and a bottle of wine in the living room! And because love craves the unexpected, why not try getting ready in separate rooms? It may seem insignificant, but there’s nothing like that take-your-breath-away moment when your lover walks into the room looking like a star. And let’s face it: we’re all running low on new photos for the ‘gram anyways, so it’s time to capitalise on creative date ideas that look cute too!

Online Murder Mystery Night

You and your partner share a flare for the dramatic? Get your Agatha Christie on by inviting your closest pals to a virtual murder mystery party. With a vintage vibe and the chance to connect with friends, a mystery night takes the recent trend of online party games to the next level. Plus you’ll get to throw together a fantastic couples costume. This idea is also great for long-distance couples, allowing you to host an event together even while apart. Check out Red Herring Games for inspiration.

The days may be getting shorter, but the nights are getting longer-which has never been a problem for love. This winter may have new challenges for everyone, but it will also bring a chance to bond with your loved one like never before. Whether you’re a married couple or a new couple, enjoy these times together and always find excitement in the everyday!

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