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Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings

With their linear facets and elongated rectangular shape, emerald diamond engagement rings command attention.

Emerald cut diamonds boast an elongated rectangular shape with cut-off corners, sometimes referred to as a square cut emerald.

Instead of the brilliance and sparkle exhibited by a round or cushion diamond, emerald diamond engagement rings offer flashes of light due to their long, straight facets. This is known as the “Hall of Mirrors”.

Why should I choose an emerald cut diamond?

The emerald diamond shape is striking–the flashes of light stand out against traditional brilliant cut diamonds.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are seen on wedding fingers of celebrities around the globe–from Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, this diamond shape caters to all styles.

The elongated shape of an emerald cut diamond is also incredibly flattering–it elongates the finger.

Emerald diamonds offer a huge range of versatility in terms of engagement ring design–traditional or contemporary bespoke styles, an emerald cut diamond is a truly unique choice

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