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If love has no limits, neither do we.

Cary & Amber

Real love has always played by its own rules. It isn’t pushed around by trends, it doesn’t wait for others’ approval. It’s personal and playful and never fails to inspire.

If our years of experience have taught us anything, it’s that love deserves more. So, with an eye on the horizon, we’re stepping up our game in order to honour your love stories. We’re making it easier to find your perfect forever rings, no matter where you are in the world. You may have noticed that things are looking a little different around here…

At Taylor and Hart, we believe in real love. Not the airbrushed, fairytale version. But the kind of love where both your heart and your head shout ‘yes’. You know it’s right and you feel it’s right. And we’ve updated our online platform to reflect this feeling.

We’re stripping down. We’re getting personal. And we’re thrilled to share these results: a fresh faced Taylor & Hart, with improvements inspired by you. These fantastic changes are now available for you to play with. You can still browse our collection and chat with our team just as before with the assurance that we’ll continue to be your down-to-earth bespoke design experts.

It’s a whole new world of love, ready for you to explore.

We’re so excited for this new chapter with you.

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