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Bridal Ring Sets

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Carrara & Verona

Combining the best of geometric and sculptural lines, our Carrara design features a hexagonal diamond centre with baguette and princess cut diamond accent stones in this unique five stone ring.

Match it with the Verona design that mimics the linear lines of the Carrara, with its vaulted baskets holding the east-west set, step cut baguette diamonds in a bar setting to ¾ eternity.

The arches that decorate this platinum wedding band recall the stunning piazzas of Italy and the many love stories they’ve inspired across centuries.

Marula & Alba

Flowering, fragrant, and fruit-bearing, the Marula tree is traditionally known as the marriage tree, a place for vows to be exchanged beneath the shade of leafy, floral branches.

It’s for that reason that our Marula design is bursting with light and dainty details. A two tone design set with a yellow gold band and the setting around the diamonds in platinum, this cluster diamond engagement ring features a centre oval diamond surrounded by bouquets of variously sized brilliant diamonds.

The Marula’s high bridge allows space to perfectly match our Alba wedding ring design. Symbolising new horizons, the Alba was designed to perfectly match the Marula engagement ring. It features 17 round diamonds in various sizes that gently cascade across the band in an asymmetrical fashion and are set at different angles, meaning they catch the light in a truly spectacular way.

Tamora & Laurel

Named after the sculptural and romantic tamora rose, our Tamora design is an ode to the creativity of nature. Featuring a marquise centre diamond and marquise green sapphire petals on a yellow gold knife edge band, this contemporary trilogy captures the feeling of smelling a freshly picked rose.

Pair it with the Laurel for a seamless match that sits perfectly flush on the finger and makes you wonder how these ring designs ever lived without one another. The Laurel features petal set alternating marquise diamond and lush green sapphires.

Demure & Daisy

The Demure is the most petite solitaire in our collection. This two tone design has a 1.6mm wide yellow gold band with a comfortable, rounded profile. The sculptural platinum eagle claws proudly and securely hold the centre emerald cut diamond and showcase the brightness of the diamond to the fullest. When viewed through the finger, you’re able to see the entire diamond.

In harmonious juxtaposition, the Daisy wedding ring design sits flush next to the Demure, offering a subtle lift to the bridal set as a whole, with its diamonds sparkling in the light.

There are no rules when it comes to engagement and wedding rings and this bridal set proves it–you can mix and match metals and styles that result in a lovely balance when worn together.

Lyra & Petal

Captivating and meticulously crafted, the Lyra is a floral-inspired design that features a round blue sapphire within a brilliant halo of round diamonds, all held together with dainty eagle claws and a tapered cathedral shoulder band.

This Princess Diana and Catherine-esque design sits snugly against our Petal wedding band. Set with alternating round blue sapphires and marquise shaped diamonds, the style combines tradition with a unique injection of colour, tying in the rich, regal tones of the centre sapphire from the engagement ring.

Confetti & Laurel

The Confetti style features an oval centre diamond with dainty petal set diamond spaced pavé. This fun design is a wonderfully contemporary take on the traditional pavé style.

And what perfectly marries this sweet ring? A petite petal set pavé wedding ring, of course. Our Laurel design mimics the aesthetic of the Confetti with its east-west set marquise diamonds and the rings sit beautifully flush next to one another as a set.


What is a bridal ring set?

We’re often asked ‘is a bridal set the same as an engagement ring?’ and it’s safe to say that the answer to that question is layered. While a bridal set may sometimes contain an engagement ring, it wouldn’t be fair to say they’re the same. The term ‘bridal ring sets’ can cover a whole host of scenarios, all as sentimental and personal as the next. Let’s explore the three most popular understandings of a bridal ring set.

The first understanding of a bridal ring set is a combination of two rings: an engagement ring and a wedding band that, once married, are usually worn as a pair. Here’s how the story traditionally goes: the engagement ring is typically given to the one half of the couple during the proposal and symbolises the intention to marry for the couple. Two wedding bands are exchanged during the wedding ceremony itself and represent the couple’s lifelong commitment to each other. And they lived happily ever after.

When choosing a bridal ring set, it’s important to consider your personal style and budget. Do you want your set to have similar styles? Do you want them to sit flush next to one another? Do you want them to feel mismatched in a curated way?

There are many different types of sets available from classic simple polished bands to a diamond bridal set, the wedding ring design can be customised to complement an existing engagement ring style. You can choose from different metals, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, or different band widths to achieve a more dainty or chunky aesthetic, depending on your preferences.

The second interpretation is when each wedding ring is designed or chosen with the intention of being a matching set – where both rings share a similar design element or overall aesthetic.

Bridal ring sets are a great option for many couples because they ensure that both rings complement each other in terms of design, metal, and diamond or gemstone. This means that you don’t have to feel tied to matching your wedding band to your engagement ring, and instead you have a matching set that connects you and your partner as a pair–almost as a wedding ring set.

To make the rings as harmonious as can be, you can opt for matching finishes and metals or you can go with subtle variations, like our Bay and Bayberry designs. A creative way to go, these rings elegantly mimic each other, with stones that differ in colour.

For a bolder look, your bespoke wedding bands can feature the same engraving, leaving no question of who is with whom when you walk into a room. This filigree pattern above is brimming with a sense of vintage romance and will turn your wedding bands into a statement piece.

Having personalised rings that can reflect your one-of-a-kind love is a perfect way to celebrate your marriage. Each time you look at your specially tailored ring, you can think fondly of the partnership that you share.

It also gives you and your spouse a chance to express your individuality, with the opportunity to create complementary rings and the ability to combine your wedding band and engagement ring into one fluid design. Your wedding rings should reflect a story that’s truly yours, not anyone else’s.

And finally, the third understanding is a little more broad and fluid. It’s when a collection of rings, that can be worn together or alone, are considered as a ‘suite’ of rings that are all symbolic of a moment or life milestone.

This third understanding is mostly led by aesthetics. It’s when rings are worn to achieve a certain type of look or finish on the hand–perhaps several stand out rings are worn on different fingers or smaller, daintier bands are stacked to achieve a more edited look. They can be matching or intentionally mismatched bands, they can be crafted in lab grown diamonds or natural diamonds, it can be a diamond ring or a polished metal ring with no gemstones–it really is up to the wearer and can be worn in a mix-and-match way.

Primarily led by achieving a certain style or artfulness, wearers may consider the half eternity style, which is when the diamonds or gemstones go halfway around the circumference of the ring, or the full eternity style, which is when the stones are set around the entire circumference of the ring.

While this refers to the term ‘eternity’ in reference to the percentage of the circumference of the ring that is set with stones, an eternity ring or eternity band is often also understood to mean a wedding ring or a ring that represents a special moment in a couple’s life together.

When should someone get an eternity ring?

An eternity ring doesn’t actually always feature gemstones or diamonds. The term itself is used to reference a ring, of any style, that is often used as a gift to celebrate a life moment–like the birth of a child, an anniversary, a promotion, new home or life transition. There’s no set rules for when someone should give or receive an eternity ring, but it does tend to be to mark milestones in a couple’s life.

How many rings are there in a bridal set?

There can be as few or as many rings in a bridal set–depending on whether you wish to wear one statement ring that matches your partner’s, or if you wish to stack several rings, each representing a milestone life moment such as an anniversary or the birth of a child.

Celebrate love, time after time

Whether you’re celebrating one year or five decades, explore our exquisite diamond and gemstone anniversary ring collection that can be worn individually or stacked.

An anniversary ring is a symbol of love and commitment exchanged between partners to commemorate a milestone in their relationship, typically on their wedding anniversary. These special rings often feature diamonds or other gemstones and can be worn alongside the engagement and wedding rings or as a standalone piece.

We believe anniversaries should always be celebrated – as a marker of your love story so far, and the journey you’ve been on together.

A bridal ring set is a beautiful and practical option for someone looking to ensure that their engagement ring and wedding band complement each other perfectly. They can also save you money and make it easier to coordinate your rings as a couple. So, if you’re getting ready to tie the knot, consider investing in a bridal ring set that matches your style and budget.

Wedding band styles and their matching engagement rings

Choosing the right wedding band to go with your engagement ring is all about finding the perfect balance of style and design. Here’s a look at some of the more prominent wedding band styles and how they best match different engagement rings:

Plain wedding rings

Plain wedding bands: The bonafide classic symbol of marriage. Available in platinum, yellow, white or rose gold, plain bands handily pair with any engagement ring style. Their minimalist design is ideal for more intricate rings, as they don’t compete with the centre stone or any detailed settings. They’re also perfect for solitaire engagement rings, letting the central diamond or gemstone bask in the spotlight.

plain mens wedding bands

Diamond wedding bands

Diamond wedding bands: For those who crave some sparkling enchantment, diamond wedding bands are absolutely the way to go. They add more sparkle to any bridal set and pair beautifully with halo and pavé engagement rings, amplifying the overall brilliance. With step cut diamonds like the emerald or Asscher cuts, diamond bands introduce contrast and depth, making the centre stone pop. They can also enhance round, oval, cushion, and princess cut engagement rings, by adding shimmer and emphasising the size and shape of the main stone.

Sapphire wedding bands

Bringing a burst of colour and a feeling of regal poise, sapphire wedding bands pair wonderfully with engagement rings that feature more sapphire accents or other coloured gemstones. They also create a striking contrast with diamond engagement rings, highlighting the brilliance of the diamonds while adding a bit of that sapphire magic. This combination is especially sensational with classic round or oval diamond solitaires.

Curved wedding bands

Designed to nestle perfectly against engagement rings with more unique settings or protruding stones, curved bands fit snugly around the matching ring’s contours. They work well with solitaires, halos and three stone rings, ensuring a seamless and cohesive look. Curved bands offer a tailored fit, enhancing both comfort and aesthetics.

Chevron Wedding Bands

Featuring a V shaped design, chevron wedding bands add a contemporary twist to the more traditional styles. They pair beautifully with solitaire engagement rings, drawing attention to the centre stone and creating an entrancing symmetry. They also complement marquise, pear, or heart shaped stones, enhancing their more elaborate silhouettes with the confidence of the V shape.

Twisted wedding bands

With their interwoven designs mirroring the journey of a couple’s life, twisted wedding bands are versatile and add texture and visual interest to solitaire engagement rings without overpowering the centre stone. They also complement vintage and nature-inspired engagement rings, adding depth to their romantic and intricate designs.

Bezel wedding bands

Bezel wedding bands feature stones set within a metal rim, providing a sleek and protective setting. Ideal for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle, bezel bands provide a super secure setting for your gemstone. They pair well with engagement rings that have bezel set centre stones or cocktail style designs, to create a cohesive and contemporary look. Bezel bands work particularly well with round, oval and emerald cut stones.

Baguette wedding bands

Characterised by elongated, rectangular diamonds, baguette wedding bands are refreshingly sleek and refined. Due to the similarities in shape, they’re perfect for pairing with engagement rings that have baguette side stones or step cut diamonds, like emerald or Asscher cuts. The linear design of baguette bands complements the clean lines and architectural finesse of these cuts, adding sophistication and gravitas to round or oval engagement rings.

Channel set wedding bands

Channel set wedding bands feature diamonds or gemstones set between two metal strips, creating a continuous line of stones. This style is excellent for anyone who’s looking for durability and a slick look. These bands pair wonderfully with engagement rings that have channel set or similar side stones, creating an orderly, unified appearance. They also intensify the sparkle of a solitaire engagement ring by injecting a dose of brilliance that doesn’t overshadow the centre stone.

All in all, a wedding band becomes ‘the perfect wedding band for you’ when it not only complements your engagement ring but also reflects your own personal style, preferences and desires. Whether you appreciate the simplicity of a plain band, crave the sparkle of diamonds, long for the colour of sapphires, or see yourself in the unique designs of curved, chevron, twisted, bezel, channel set, or baguette bands, there’s a perfect match for every engagement ring style.

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