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Personal service from when you schedule a consultation to the moment you both say 'I do.'

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Create your design

Begin by chatting with your Design Consultant about your ideas and they’ll present some initial designs so you can pick your favourite. Expect guidance on ring sizes, how to get the most out of your price point, and a design page where all your quotes and ideas can live in one place.


Select your diamond or gemstone

After you’ve decided on a design that best captures your love story, our Diamond & Gemstone Specialists will share the best options from hundreds of thousands of ethically sourced stones. They’ll help you select the perfect one for your budget and design.


Review your design

Our team will create a 3D CAD render of your design for you to examine the details from every angle. This gives you an accurate idea of what your ring will look like, and our design service includes three amendments.


Your ring is complete

Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll secure your centre gemstone and our talented craftspeople bring your ring to life.

Even better than the renders made it look and my fiancée loved it!

I had my fiancée's ring customised and the process with my designer was sublime! Nothing was too much and I was provided with renders at every step of the way.


Why Build Your Own Engagement Ring?

Your love isn’t ordinary. Why should your engagement ring be?

Just imagine a ring that captures your love without words. Everyone is looking for a unique ring design, whether it’s a small hidden detail or a custom design that’s never been seen before and we do what it takes to turn an unpolished idea into a brilliant reality.

Self-expression should never be compromised and your relationship isn’t off-the-shelf, neither should your engagement ring. Our team of talented designers listen to each and every customer to understand exactly what they’re looking for. That’s why every ring we make—through a simple twist on a classic design or something entirely bespoke—tells a story that’s truly yours.

Custom engagement rings are fast-becoming the most popular choice. Why should you be limited to the pre-existing designs available off the shelf?

Every love story should have the opportunity to be symbolised through an entirely one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. Here’s some reasons why custom engagement rings are seeing such an increase:

Unique Design

With custom engagement rings, you have the freedom to design a ring that is all yours. From the metal, band width, stone type or shape down to treasured details like a signature gemstone that symbolises a month or a colour special to you both, or an engraved inscription that serves as a little love note between you and your other half. Not only will these personalised selections make for a beautiful design, but they’ll also make it more meaningful, ready to be treasured for a lifetime and beyond.

Ethical Considerations

We know that ethical sourcing should be the first step in creating any sentimental piece of jewellery. And you, our customers, should expect nothing less. Your ring is the embodiment of something magical after all. We believe that using sustainable materials and practices makes a ring all the more meaningful, not just for us, but for the person who wears and loves it everyday. That’s why when you creating a design with us, we can offer provenance and sourcing information that other jewellers simply can’t.


Consumers are becoming more considered in their purchases and a product that doesn’t allow for customisation just isn’t as valuable to them anymore. An engagement ring, a tangible symbol of your lifelong commitment, is something that is worth spending money on. It’ll be treasured and worn for a lifetime and will become an heirloom.

Tips for Getting Started

If you’re thinking of creating a custom engagement ring design, here’s a few helpful tips to help you get started:

Preparation is Key

This part is pretty important. What kind of jewellery does your partner already wear? Dainty or bold, monochrome or colourful? Take a look at their Pinterest boards, pay attention to which rings are of interest to them when you pass jewellery shop windows. Next up, you’ll want to find a jeweller that you feel will capture exactly what you’re looking for–a jeweller that is open to customisations and has excellent reviews.

Set a Price Point

Custom engagement rings can vary hugely in price. It’s important you set a price range that you’re comfortable with and communicate this to your personal Design Consultant who will ensure they provide you with suitable options.

Ultimately, there is no right answer for calculating what you should spend on an engagement ring. Dispel the myths and spend what you’re comfortable with, and best of all, get creative!


Whether you have a clear vision or not for your design, jewellery designers may be able to impart insights or ideas that you haven’t considered. Be open to other options that may ultimately be a better decision than what you’d originally had in mind. Afterall, we’ve made love our life’s work and our talented team will be

Behind The Design

Dan & Katharine

“I wanted it to be a little bit three-dimensional so we started to play with these motifs that I knew Katharine would like. Leaves and designs and swirls, all based on a lot of her Pinterest board that is so uniquely just her.”

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