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Jewellery gifts

Anniversary RingsAnniversary Rings
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From gender reveal gifts, push presents and graduations, to birthdays, job promotions or just because, our unique jewellery gifts allow us to accompany you through life’s most memorable twists and turns.

We think a little differently from the crowd. Our collection of milestone jewellery is made to celebrate the highs and pull you through the lows–to mark a step of life’s journey, and to be taken with you as you explore what’s next.

Milestones hold all types of significance. Recognising those stand out moments with an exquisite jewellery gift provides your loved one with a tangible marker of a truly special event. Commit to celebrating life – whether it’s moving into a new home, getting the all clear from cancer or becoming parents for the first time.

Push Presents

Known as push presents, new baby gifts or mother’s gifts–whatever you call them, they’re intended to mark the incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth. The arrival of a new life is a moment that sparkles with joy – so find the right jewellery to represent this special day, and all of the months building up to it.

Jewellery gift FAQs

What are some popular jewellery gift options?

Personalised jewellery is always a gift that’ll be treasured forever. Whether you’re inspired by vintage design or want to include small details that act as a secret between you and your loved ones, jewellery is perfect.

How do I choose the right jewellery gift for someone?

We always recommend looking at what the person you’re looking to gift to already wears–it couldn’t be easier. That’ll provide you with an indication of whether they wear more gold than silver metals, or whether all of their jewellery is dainty and fine or chunky and bold. Then take it from there, you’ll probably be along the right lines…

Can I personalise jewellery gifts?

100%. That’s what we do best at Taylor & Hart. The majority of our jewellery pieces can be personalised–from sweet engravings and signature birthstones to a whole array of customisation choices, you can add a unique and sentimental touch to your gift that’ll make it truly one of a kind.

Are jewellery gifts suitable for any occasion?

Yes! Jewellery gifts are versatile and are suitable as a gift for a whole host of various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and even as a “just because” gesture.

How do I know the jewellery is of good quality?

Look for reputable jewelers known for their craftsmanship and quality materials. Check for certifications and customer reviews to ensure you’re choosing a reliable and authentic jeweller.

Are jewellery gifts suitable for all genders?

Of course. As with all things jewellery, it’s totally personal. Jewellery gifts can be suitable for all genders and many of our designs are unisex and you can make choices that’ll resonate with the gift recipient’s style.

How do I ensure the jewellery gift is the right size?

There’s loads of ways to figure out what size jewellery will fit. For rings, we recommend taking a look at our ring size guide to figure out how to best obtain somebody’s finger size. Whether it’s asking friends or family discreetly or attempting to measure an existing ring, we’re confident you’ll get a close approximation.

How do I maintain the quality of the jewellery over time?

With a little TLC, your jewellery can be kept looking its best for years to come. Visit our jewellery care guide to learn more about how to keep your ring clean from home.

Is it common to give jewellery gifts as a "just because" gesture?

Totally! Giving jewellery as a surprise gesture outside of traditional occasions is on the up. It’s the perfect way to unexpectedly express your love and appreciation.

There’s also a rise in popularity for self-gifting. Buying jewellery for yourself is an opportunity to celebrate the highs and pull you through the lows – it’s a piece that marks a step of your journey, and to be taken with you as you explore what’s next.

Are jewellery gifts suitable for children?

Yes, whether you intend for your child to wear the jewellery immediately or not, jewellery gifts are a perfect gift for children to appreciate and treasure throughout their lives.

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